[HIATUS] I doodle morden in this thread everyday until tgr (not a cry for help)

This idea came to me before I slept last night, so yeah. The title's self-explanatory. I'll doodle him, and post the updates in this post. After TGR drops, I'll simply stop this challenge.

Rules for self:

  • Draw at least 1 Morden everyday. It can be drawn in any quality.
  • I can add any additional characters or any writings if I wanted, as long as Morden was there somewhere.
  • If I missed a day, I’ll draw 1 more Morden (minimum) in the next day.

The first page of this challenge



i wonder how many replies this thing will get

morden simp

You lad

Explosive avocado

second morden of the day (dw this won’t be used if I missed a day)

you got this bnt

BNT are you okay
I am genuinely concerned for your well being at this rate, I actually think this is somewhat concerning.

dw I’m just drawing morden to help with the mood dip I’m having lately
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-29 at 16.57.45.jpeg

plus I’d have something to do while waiting for tgr too

It’s gonna be an interesting well let’s see

4-6 Months or more

so I would have drawn at least around 120 mordens

i n t e r e s t i n g

Well, okay then.

third morden of the day

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4th page aka the page I tried comforting myself with drawing morden

might go on morden drawing spree later idk

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that’s mor den enough


My fault, I won’t make jokes again sorry y’all


5th morden page

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sixth page of Morden

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