Holy guacamole this is bonkers

bro is locked in. This is the most hours ive seen on ao so far


ahh that guy, i’ve seen him a couple times.
he has 130 toughened scrolls

365-13=352 days after the release of ao (they’re gen 5)

A daily average of 18 hours for 352 days

They probably use macros because there is no way someone could keep that up

Wtf is he doing on the game all the time

their character is going to drop dead before warden is finished


holy smokes, that’s an old file

thankfully since they’re a mage they live longer

image they weren’t one and couldn’t live 10k years or whatever it is: YOU DIED from old age (file deleted)
mc can’t do stroyline anymore

i seen that guy a few times, he’s really chill

6k hours and only 239 PKs :skull: PvE demons are nuts bro

pretty sure they just keep an autoclicker up overnight to grind hours for some reason :man_shrugging:


What would you even use an autoclicker for in AO

Roblox doesn’t log you off if you use an autoclicker

well, yeah, but besides getting playtime what else would that let you do

you can still hit enemies through walls, just not bosses, so i guess he farmed whitesummit to get infinite money glitch

dear god

enemies give like 4-5 galleons tops so i wonder how much money he’s gotten from like 100 hours of doing that

actually he’d only get like 500 galleons which is honestly pretty pathetic and kind of lame.

they give 17 galleons

better I guess.

doesn’t justify using an autoclicker tho for anything else but gaining hours

It’s not like the respawn every hour id say every 30 seconds so it’s way more

k so that’s like 38 galleons per minute

1 hour grants you about like 2280 galleons

wow that actually is a lot of money

100 hours is 22k

nothing, just wasting pc lifespan for AO hours :man_shrugging: