Hopes for the Future Story for Arcane Odyssey

I feel like this may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think the Order of Aesir should be over used in the storyline. I’ll explain down below what I would probably hope for maybe the nimbus sea storyline. I did write a fan one from all the way in June / July, check it out if you want to see that, but uh enjoy.


Well this is quite self explanatory, but I don’t think the order of aesir should be always the one pulling the strings. I feel like it would add more depth to the story as a whole if another kingdom wasn’t affected by the order of aesir, but since it’s corrupted you try to go on a false hunt for the order of aesir. What I’m trying to get at is (Make it seem that the order of aesir is pulling the strings, but realistically the kingdom is just corrupt by it’s self.). Then other times don’t even take a point of it, give the Order of Aesir a break for an arc as well so when it comes back people will be more excited and intrigued to see who else is in store for us.


I feel like the community deep down has feeling that Morden due to the fact that he has the death curse and he’s becoming more edgy, he’ll become basically like Sasuke. I really don’t want that and if anything just make Warren be the leader of the Order of Aesir. If you really tie the information together, how else did the Order find Beringer? Why is Warren helping you out of the blue making you stronger? Also it’s been iffy if Warren has the Grand Fire curse of Inferno, which the same curse makes you insane as time goes on. If anything give the man another personality, one good portraying (Theos) and the other portraying evil as (Durza). I personally enjoy seeing a character that’s supposed to be your mentor milk up your whole team just to be the villain at the end. Also it doesn’t even have to be crappy where he just reveals it, it could just him slowly pushing your main team (You, Iris, and Morden) into the wrong. Then he’s finally caught to be known as the Leader of the Order of Aesir. Nobody would expect him to be the villain that’s exactly why it would be so good in my opinion.

Don’t make Iris a Tsundere

I’m not a feminist or anything, but I’m done with the Tsundere tropes. Make Iris a strong female mage that can rival with the likes of the Order of Aesir. If she starts to become a love interest of Morden or the Main Character I’m going to pluck my eyeballs out. Only people who would really be happy about this is the Church of Iris tbh.

Let the main character be from a small village, but nobody knows who they’re.

Adding a nail biting thing like this would be intriguing. I wouldn’t say let our character get our memories back, but maybe just a way of acceptance. This could be the process of truly awakening to the 2nd stage. You’ve already meditated to “enlighten” your soul in a way, but I feel as the 2nd should be to enlighten the mind. Give a choice for the player to pick between remembering the past yet forgetting everything you’ve experienced or not to learn your past while keeping your memories. If you picked the first you would re-experience all the bosses yet in a weaker state (due to not having the experiences) while the second being experiencing the same thing, but keeping all your skills but the bosses being a little harder than they normally are. That’s just my opinion though, you shouldn’t be trying to go backwards in life, but forward.

That’s all folks.

Thanks for reading all of this if you managed to get here. Give your opinions if you want or questions if your confused. I just like writing lore tbh, vetex hire me :wink: . I already know Nimbus Sea storyline is finished, but I have faith in Vetex that it’s going to be good. The only reason why I wrote all of this was because I love playing the game. Whether the storyline is bad or not, I feel like we can all agree we all still enjoy playing this game.

Have a good night, morning, or afternoon, wherever you’re reading this.

  • LandTaro, terrible at PVP, even though having 100+ hours.

I don’t know how the other seas will turn out, but we might not have time to not focus on the Aesir. We’re already heading to the nimbus sea (2 out of 6 seas), and we still need to defeat julian

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On this note, I really hope Wotan isn’t a part of the Order of Aesir, or the leader.

Like, please have some villains that aren’t affiliated with an evil, shadow organization. If they’re all associated with it, it will probably get really, really predictable.

I imagine one or more of his sons will be a member, though. Possibly one of the weakest ones, if I had to guess.

Also, I really, really hope that every member on the board in the order tab WON’T be part of the main story. We absolutely do not need to deal with every single member in the main story. Have some of them be scattered bosses out doing their own thing, or just in side quests.


For the first one, there may be two kingdoms for each sea after Bronze Sea, so not every king is gonna be a high lord since there’s only 6, and one of them is already dead. So safe to say, Order of Aesir may actually not be the problem in all seas. After all, Kingdoms, their leads and soldiers are power-hungert in general even more so without the Order. So we may also be dealing with kingdom conflicts and evenutally run into the Order while doing so.

Please god’s sake, this. No “becomes corrupt with his power” trope Id rather see a character struggle and actually overcome it. I feel like this is somewhat hinted as Beringer saw something in him, which to me sounds very similar to the “destiny” AO MC will have thats been stated a few times.

The closest I can actually see him doing a “heel turn” is some kind of betrayal as a means to protect MC. If you read Morden’s diary, you see that Morden is tired of losing people, and is always concerned for AO MC, wishing they have a happier life now that they dont remember a thing of their past.

But what happens when MC’s path of taking down the Order leads them to despair? People they love dying, them willing to do whatever it takes to do whats eight, even if it means endangering themselves.

And to Morden, MC is all he has left. So with an act of “betrayal”, he cuts MC off from continuing their path. Maybe at first, his actions makes the player think the curse got to him, but in actuality, he did it so to protect, because he doesnt want MC to fight anymore, he wants them to forget it all and live happily.

Now THAT is how you actually do this kind of trope, not the “power corrupts” trope which is wayyy too predictable, srsly. That doesnt mean I dont want to see some internal conflict, I just want him to overcome it instead.

Also, the “Warren split personality” theory??? Ooh, great minds think alike, Ive been theorising the exact same thing with Warren. Especially since Morock was suggested to have something similar with his Promethean flame once.

…I feel like Morden has higher chances of being the team’s “tsundere” more than Iris. Iris may have an explosive personality, but like fire, she seems to have the warm, kind aspects of it. A few examples include her defending Morden when Neviro asks if he’s dead (lmao), taking care of Morden while sleeping (she replaces the bandages), apologizes when Neviro seems upset abt being beaten, and her genuinely thanking MC for helping her.

Shes got a temper, but shes also genuine and down to earth (as she only wanted to go back to living normally in Ravenna, not taking down Ravenna)

When Vetex had a summary for AO’s story in a development update, the summary mentioned “while trying to recover your memory” as if it was the entire game’s goal as well as fighting the Order. Considering it was brought up twice in the story, the second being Neviro asking an update on the memory loss, I feel like that MC’s backstory is important here. Maybe there’s still gonna be gaps for the player’s interpretation, but something in MC’s past seems important enough that they are asked about it more than once.

Of course, you could still be right and it turns out MC is just a nobody and just accidently discovered something before the memory loss, which could be the case…


My only wish is that we get to commit war crimes

if morden dies in the story im gonna commit so many god damn war crimes istg

AA flashbacks


Oh no, I’m not saying to make him a random nobody. I’m just saying that he was wiped from the history of the village type of way. Also the character is said to have a special type of blood in him, but I don’t want it to be a lineage type thing. I honestly think it would be cool to have it similar to one piece of the D. Lineage type of line, but an abnormality in blood. So it isn’t lineage or anything, but born with a slight change or alteration in the blood. Now this isn’t a type of alteration where it makes you 1000x stronger than others instantly, but it’s an ability to thrive when training and become stronger faster than others. I’m thinking of adding certain blood variations would be cool instead of family names (like D. in one piece or kingdom names.). So the Main Character would have the “Thrive, Blood Variation”. At the end of the day though I feel like the character is going to be related to an important character like a greek god or a distant relative of an important character like Cursebeard.

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Made a complete storyline of this, but here’s a summary of it :wink:

Wotan is a veteran of the seas and no longer fights due to carrying an illness that he “supposedly caught from the dark sea”. The only reason why he’s living at this point and why he was feared was due to the fact of him having a sea curse. I think having a sea curse like lightning or wood would be cool honestly, preferably wood because it could be a help to make all the ships for his vikings. His two sons are corrupt, his elder son is actually trying to poison Wotan though with a similar poison that weakened Beringer. The other son of Wotan actually has two kids, but due to being corrupted by his elder brother he’s been not much of a great father as he could be realistically. The grandson of Wotan, being the younger brothers son, views his family as hero’s and tries to follow in their footsteps. While the other child is a daughter and is forced to work as a maid in the kingdom for “being to weak.”

Cut to the end of the storyline. You fight the younger brother and you save or let him die at the end depending on the Elius choice. (I think getting a different weapon or cosmetic would be cool for this choice.). Before the choice happens though you’re notified about the elder brother’s doings and once you’re finished with that situation you go to fight the elder brother. It’s a two part boss fight. (Not two phases.). The first part is him fighting you regularly with just a fighting style (could be impact fist.). After you beat him he throws a projectile at his nephew and you go to block the projectile with your own body. The elder brother runs off and you run after him slowly with your wound. You only hear the sounds of him talking to his father and once you open the door to the room you’re greeted with a bright light. You wake up outside of the room onto the ruins of the side of the kingdom just to witness the elder brother using the wood curse around his surroundings. The boss fight is hard due to him now having impact fist and the wood curse, but you manage to beat him. Afterwards he is locked up to pay for his sins instead of killing him. The grand daughter of wotan who was originally the maid wants to make Keraxe a more peaceful kingdom and becomes the princess of the kingdom. The grandson of wotan though decides to join your group to learn to grow as a warrior. He’s more reluctant to join you though if you killed his father though, (it makes sense tbh.). That’s pretty much it.

Plot holes would just be the son explaining how he got the cursebane (to keep the sea curse in the location) off of one of the order of aesir members after they had asked him to join them, but refused believing that he if were to join he’d become the leader of the order. That didn’t happen so he wound up killing the member and keeping the cursebane hidden only until that fateful moment.

TL;DR - Put me on the team for the storyline to give suggestions on it. I produce gas content and I won’t snitch on nothing :pray:


I also had this fear that the story would be about “secret shadow organization ruling everything” instead of countries fighting each other for power or other political tension rather than everything being about the Order. It would be much more interesting and organic for each kingdom to be “corrupt” on its own and have its fair share of tension and reasoning for wanting power/land either for resources or ideals.

For now, I don’t see a way to make Morden a villain outside him “wanting to protect his loved one” by going to extremes just for us.

Also, Morden is barely a character and more of a cardboard cut-out than actually having a character, just because he had a “death” curse and wears black does not make him edgy.

I gotta wait till I see him more in the Nimbus sea as an actual “character”

Being the Smurfette (unless we play as female)of the group, I have a good feeling they would eventually make her one, even though I would prefer her not to be a tsundere and serves more than a love interest… (Why tf every girl in the band must be in love with the lancer/hero?)

I’m not sure what to comment on this, but I can see how your points would make some interesting choices for us to the story.

I feel like it might indeed be the lineage thing. Descendants of the Gods, even back in WoM, Tech called them “Legacies”, which is what MC was called. Plus, I think it was said that one of the other reasons why magic is more advanced in the War Seas was due to the bloodlines there. So I dont think it will be an abnormality thing

I’m hoping for more character interaction between the crew, especially MC and Morden, like the one with MC and Iris over the campfire.

There could be one where MC and Morden was on some sort of a fight but was heavily beaten down and escaped somewhere like a sewer or something while holding onto each other’s heavily Injured bodies.

As they walk MC would ask who he was to Morden and they would bond there, every dialogue would stop their steps. I think this story trope was “A walk to heaven” but I’m not sure lol.

I don’t really want Vetex to focus on forwarding the plot too much when the game is called Arcane ““Odyssey””


that thing about “legacies”, poseidon says the player has “the strongest will of all legacies” so that furthers the idea of godly blood

  • better story foreshadowing, especially with villains and bosses.

  • more about the relationships between the main cast, character interactions etc.

  • More quartermasters and memorable characters.

  • More volumes of Morden and Neviro’s journals (maybe new Iris journal?)

(Vetex pls add more for Edward)


i want to see my boy ruby roger again

I want iris to be an actually interesting character that has her own flaws and isn’t just grrr her flare magic!! Rahhhhh! All the time
No love interest either dawg this isn’t anime


p sure iris already friendzones the player in chapter 5 (windrow island)

I really doubt both of those are gonna become villains lol

Honestly, Warren cultivating our strength and gaining our trust over the story would be an interesting and dramatic turn. This man has lived a long life (200 years minimum) and so is bound to have many secrets to be discovered.

A funny thing also is that Warren’s torso package has the Order of Aesir symbol on it’s original texture which I thought was neat. Props to JTN for originally finding it to my knowledge.


cough KOTOR 2 cough

I think this is interesting, but personally, I can’t see either Morden or Warren being an outright villain. I’d predict that Morden at least would, at most, become an antihero. And Warren would continue fulfilling the distant, cryptic mentor role.