Hot & Cold Video

So Danny > Inferno > Doc > Kurumai

That frozen status clutched


My forum clout chasing days have started once again /j

bro cheesed doc like
ok i guess

So, potential chopping block of stuns? kinda insane to me that regardless of how garbage stuns look on paper, it made a major difference

Ice is nice.

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fuckin baller leaks, gotta say today was a good day

Needs a bit of balancing


thats too big for me
and that sounded wrong to say

oh my goodness me the frozen effect actually kept him in place for a little bit and ice looks so fine oh mah lord oh mah jod ice magic my beloved got me feeling different

It’s undeniable that the frozen status effect was very helpful, but every time except the very end, the ice was broken before any follow-up attack could land. I was considering switching to Sage Ice + Sailor Style, but after this, I think I’m sticking with Light + Thermo Fist. The freeze spam does look extremely strong, but I think it didn’t do quite enough in the fight to convince me to trade away both a blind status and DoT status and the ridiculous attack speed.

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why do some damage numbers have + infront of them?

i think the ice was broken because Doc charged and he has fire magic

“+” - Damage boost from interactions
“-” - Damage decrease from interactions
“!” - Oneshot / Attack dealt more damage that target has

And everything except for “!” was in WOM

ah interesting

I do not like the idea of 245 damage and get constantly stunned upon being hit. Sailor and ice will be very, very powerful together on good players.

ice with sailor fist just looks goddamn sick

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should’ve parried L

Please tell me it’s at least hard to use, even if it looks easy to use.

Yeah, they need to increase cooldown for stunning and make it as decreased damage interaction. And it should perhaps added onto all stunning soruces