Hot take: fame players are more toxic than bounty players

Earlier today I was trying to progress a new build based around shadow/stealth that I’ve been putting off as I have been struggling to find some of the resources needed & overall the lategame level grind is rough. Minding my own business, I get ganked by a top 50 fame player that:
First, tries to cheese me with heavy exploding shells…
then chases me down with teleport dashes…
and finally pops a slowness gel (really??) so I’m forced to fight.
Quick interjection, I only had 70k bounty at this time.
When they finally best me (they have more than double my stats) they spammed ez even though they got nearly nothing from this. 1k fame for hunting down someone with so little bounty across the entire server. Then a message after, “run more lolol”. I never had this experience with bounty players in the past on other builds. They always respect 1s and say gg whether they’re hunting me or it’s vice versa. They’re generally relaxed in comparison. What business does a light conjurer with 1.4m fame have hunting down a level 116?
It’s clear they’re a trader or veteran player as well with headless and their general playstyle. So why has the fame community grown so toxic? Do they care too much? These kind of people really put me off from the game.

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Hmm yes you meet an extremely toxic fame player = fame leaderboard more toxic than bounty leaderboard :+1:

Welcome behind the leaderboard scenes

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I think generally all top fame players are the worst people, probably some exceptions but if you spend that much time youre probably a toxic no-life

reminds me of that fame guy who did global messages about how “so and so is a traitor” and he genuinely thought he was the main protagonist

it makes sense
if you’re bounty hunting for personal gain or because you enjoy pvp, playing as bad rep makes more sense - there are more targets to hunt

if you’re bounty hunting for salt, you want to play as a fame character, because you get to send people to jail, can’t be sent to jail, and people make forum posts about you for you to laugh at

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banana will you ban me for witch hunting if i hunt this guy

There was this one time way back in WoM where this positive rep player kept attacking me while ranting about how I have “Disgraced the holy order” or some shit.

This was before the guild update even.
I don’t think much has changed.

1.4m fame, yum

i cant ban you so no
leaders dont have real permissions, i just get 24 likes a day and the ability to post on locked threads

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I love renown players being skitheads to the community.

I’m curious how you got 70k bounty as a level 116. Unfortunately that does make you an easy target, but fame players are gonna be fame players and be toxic

as a bounty leaderboard player, this is the coldest take i’ve ever seen in my life

Being on the leaderboard probably means you killed at least 3 children in real life

Bro thinks he’s him

The rules have been changed to where you can hunt lb players (guilds and fame players) as much as you like without brining anybody.

this is a bait post and it is working quite efficiently (as per usual…)

Spoiling the fun :angry:

go ahead and tell me what part of this post is bait.