Hot Wind Blowing (Part 7)

I would like to start this off by acknowledging my absence in the forums. I was working through some stuff. I planned the gap in this series to be a lore accurate thing, and I would make a series about my new OC, which will be coming soon, since I finished the story so far, both in here and in game. Anyways, time for the actual story, and thanks in advance.

Ocean Wind(part 6)<

After 3 months of searching, 3 months of hiding, 3 months of toil, we found him. Artemis Morgan, perhaps the most influential person in the Bronze Sea, was captured by Ravenna. We spent most of our resources looking for him, and we finally found him. A privateer at Sailor’s Lodge told us about a mine they send people to in Ravenna. Some beggars in Tiberia told us about a prison convoy that passed through. And finally, we captured a Bronze Legion officer who showed doubt about King Calvus’ reign, and he told us the location.

Neviro, the lost heir, along with Morden, helped us sneak into the mine. Iris blasted a hole in the mine wall and immediately evaporated a guard. We broke open the cell door Artemis was being kept in and helped him find his gear. We rested for Artemis to regain his strength. We emerged from the mine into Ravenna Castello, and started running. The glass curse user who captured Mr. Morgan was in the way, Julian was his name, I believe. Me, Morgan, and Neviro kept running. Edward Kenton, Artemis Morgan’s Quartermaster, went back to the ship to prepare the escape. We opened a large door, which was, unfortunately, the throne room.

King Calvus, Ruler of Ravenna, sat on his brazen throne and looked at me and Neviro as one would look at a moth eating their cloth. At Artemis , however, he looked at in interest. Calvus summoned a blast and instantly knocked out Neviro. I tried to shield me and Artemis with Ink, but it simply gave way and evaporated. I felt physically drained and fell to the floor. I heard Calvus comment on my apparently rare magic, and then it was all a blur. I saw Artemis getting annihilated by Calvus’ attacks. When Artemis came close to me, I pushed him forward with what little magic I had, and when Calvus dashed to meet him, as they clashed swords, both kept their direction. As King Calvus landed, I conjured an ink puddle at his feet, and then I faded.

Time stood still, yet moved at lightning speed. I was starved, yet my hunger was quenched. I felt sluggish, but also extremely agile. I allowed myself to be carried in the river of souls, on the way to my eternal rest. And when it seemed we lost, me, Morgan, Neviro, Morden, Iris, and everyone on The Aura of Boreas, and then I felt a tug.

When I woke up, we were soaring through the air, just jumped off Mount Caesar. We ran to the beach in the Shining Plain, the Bronze Legion hot on our tail. Edward Kenton brought the ship to shore and we boarded. We fled, half of Ravenna’s navy following us. We escaped due to a wave smashing the leading Ketch to pieces.

We managed to sail to Wind Row Island, and immediately set up camp. Morden went to sleep immediately, and we were soon to follow. However, there was a noise. A patrol of Wolf bandits tried to ambush us. Artemis Morgan and Iris defeated all of them, not letting anyone alert the main camp. After this ordeal, everyone except Iris and Artemis fell asleep.

Apparently, when we were asleep, Artemis set out on a journey to attempt his awakening. He became even more powerful, coming closer to the strength Calvus saw in him. We packed up, the rest of the crew except Neviro and me decided to go to the Nimbus Sea in a few weeks or months. Neviro decided to make sure Ravenna didn’t fall apart, and I decided to continue being a journalist. I will be writing more now that Artemis has been rescued, and I bet without Calvus more people will speak of their stories. Stay safe, I sense dark times ahead of us.

Notes(Not in char.) Thank you for the continued support. Nothing really special in here, and see you in the next part. Until Nimbus is released, this series is stopped, and I will be moving to another story, so stay tuned. Good Luck to all of you in your further ventures.


Although you say this isn’t special for the series, I like it more than most of the writings. It was nice to get to see a scene fully take place, not just details of it. Especially something with lots of action like an attempted break out/heist.

(Thinking about it, this happened in the first chapter too.)

Those scenes start to make the writing feel more story-driven and not merely journal entries, although still loose and open, as if a recap of an adventure.

There are two things I picked up the first time reading that stuck out.

Good until after the comma, sounds like the start of a different sentence or combination of two. I do stuff like that sometimes too when I write, haha. Don’t stress over it.

Do you mean months instead of moths?

I may seem really critical about the errors but it’s because they’re really easy to spot while reading. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy the stories regardless. Also, good look on the upcoming series, sad this one is stopped for now.

Yea, thats a problem im working on, i get carried away and think i wrote more than i did, and grammar mitakes are just my mistake, thanks for the advice, also im gonna start another series soon, as i think i put in the notes. Thanks for reading!

No problem, they’re great stories.

It also doubles as more information on the actual game itself for me, since I haven’t really played much past lvl 30 and I also didn’t know much before the game released.

Take your time on the new series, don’t rush to get it out for us. Good luck!

Yeah, i gotta put spoiler tags, still, they are from a non MC pov. Glad you liked it