Ocean Wind(part 6)

Winds of change (Chapter 5)<

This is the publication I hinted at in my last. I am currently awaiting Artemis’ return, I shall not spoil why this is the case, even in a dire situation I must keep my core values. I believe that is the flaw of ink magic users. Without further ado, here are the logs.

Entry 1: As I set sail on The Aura of Boreas out of Sailor’s Lodge, I cannot help but feel like something is about to happen. This may just be passing sea-sickness due to the blood residue from the encounter at Fort Talos. Anyhow, nothing of note has happened.

Entry 2: Artemis has been hard at work through the night, fishing. He has managed to catch a shark, along with other, smaller fish. His Quartermaster, Edward Kenton, has told me he stayed up for multiple hours after the rest of the crew went to sleep, and that he woke up the earliest. We will be sailing to Ravenna to sell the fish and get some spices.

Entry 3: We sail out of Ravenna towards Redwake, we will be selling our cargo there. We came upon a few castaways along the way. We narrowly avoided multiple fights with pirates on the trek.

Entry 4: The maneuvering around the Jaws made my stomach churn. We finally sold our cargo and grabbed some for the trip back, to sell more. Nothing else of note happened today.

Entry 5: Artemis decided to do some exploring and relaxing. After yesterday’s debacle in the Jaws, it is a welcome decision. We sailed past a few islands and stopped at Sandfall Isle for a rest. The crew even built a sand castle.

Entry 6: We’re back on track to Ravenna. The feeling of an impending event hit me again, like a wave hitting a sailboat, matter of fact. I brought this up to both Kenton and Morgan, both responded that it was probably just due to the fact of the near death experience that happened with General Argos.

Entry 7: We sold our cargo at Rasna, just as Prince Revon was giving a speech. He was giving an explanation as to why King Calvus left Ravenna so suddenly. Artemis spoke to Revon, and then we went to Rubica.

Entry 8: Upon arriving at Rubica, we learned that the mayor of Palo Town was kidnapped. We headed to Tiberia, the poorest town of Ravenna. There we searched around for any clues, and we indeed found something.

Entry 9: We found the captors of Mayor Tilly, and they were being confronted by the guard. After a while, another soldier came and informed the main guard of General Argo’s death. After finding out we were now fugitives, we spoke to Tilly’s captors and decided to let them keep her. They told use to run to the Shining Plains to hide out.

Entry 10: Artemis just defeated another Order of the Aesir member, Lady Carina. We decided to rest for a while before going to Ravenna Castello. Some of Artemis’ wounds re-opened, but he stated that we must continue.

Entry 11?: I am writing this on some scraps I found, using my finger to write. On our way to the castle, we were attacked by a glass curse user. Artemis was taken to some mine, which I overheard the guards say. I am simply being taken to prison.

Entry 12: I was rescued by Iris after being captured. Her, Morden, and a lost heir from an ancient kingdom named Neviro broke me out. We are now searching for Artemis, and striking against Ravenna in any way we can.

I now run The Steel Anchor out of Artemis’ ship. If you can, deal as many blows as you can against the Grand Navy or Ravenna. We may be fugitives, but that won’t stop us. All of us aboard the ship would rather die standing than live kneeling.

Note(not in character) Sorry if the ending was a tad cringe, I was just feeling it. The reason I chose to leave it off at the search for Artemis was to make myself some time to think. Thanks to BNTarwarn for letting me know through likes that someone is interested in this story. I would love interacting with the rest of the people who enjoy reading this in the replies. Stay safe you nerds.

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