How are you guys so good at art

My dumbass been trying for like a solid year now and I still suck, so how are you guys here on the forums so damn good at art like dang. Also by this I mean like actual advice not that “ooo just practice” bull because that hasn’t worked for me one bit. (also my practice has just been drawing random facial features, body parts and shapes)

What does your art look like right now after a year, just wondering

just some doodles

Hm, how consistent was the practice
Every day, week, month, or whatever the consistency

Also it really helps if you learn from youtube and art sites, even though it looks like it wont help it surely will since it adds onto knowledge of anatomy or practice

Or try to copy/reference off an example to understand its anatomy, but i wouldnt really trace it unless you wanna get a full detail on how to draw something like a hand and learn off that to create other hand poses you wanna make (which i didnt do)

Around half an hour to an hour and a half every day

Learn from your mistakes i guess?
see what was wrong in the art such as anatomy anf try to fix it next time?

idrk tbh, just did some doodles in school everyday

honestly? it was not much practice, but more pushing myself to draw something that i havent been able to draw before with each new artwork

i would extensively use references to try and capture what I want to draw perfectly, and I wouldnt settle for something being just okay or returning to my comfort zone, drawing the same things over and over again. whats the point of repeated practice if you dont gain anything from doing it?

whenever you want to draw something, try doing something you havent ever done before – whether that be with lineart, posing, colors, lighting, even genre (ive never drawn horror before, but im starting to branch into that after drawing only saturated, high energy art)

this doesn’t even have to be every day too! just whenever you feel like it – dont burn yourself out!


Alright I’ll try that, also you’re one of my favorite forum artists so getting advice from you means alot

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man whaaaat??? tysm!!! i appreciate that sm!

wish i could give you more advice but honestly my improvment was not a result of rigorous training or whatever – it was just me drawing what i liked, coming up with new ideas for drawings more complex than the last, and trying to carry out what I envisioned to the best of my ability

im sure if i was more serious about it it wouldve come to me faster – but remember that its not a rush and just have fun with it!!

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Aight, training arc go brr

Behold, my magnum opus I did in like 20 seconds. I have no idea what it is


Clearly a straw doll with spiky hair and a robe

It’s hard to explain fully, since I just blame my natural talent for getting me this far. Everyone has their own specific way of progressing art so there’s no umbrella advice other than “Just Practice”

What I did was copying a number of artstyles by looking at it at a separate picture/tab, then utilizing bits of each artstyle to create my own. I traced Greek Statues and I got a great idea of anatomy, looked at bodybuilders and stuff. Looked at timelapses and see how artists colored and rendered their pieces

I would personally keep looking at artstyles that I really like and want so I can get a sense of how they draw it. Ya gotta know what you want when you’re drawing

Don’t beat yourself up about it, just keep going

As someone who used to doodle since… 8, I realised that a lot of my style was developed over time by just copying (or being inspired) the styles of other animations I liked (the key step for me actually starting to draw human figures was when 10 year old me started copying Equestria Girls. Again, 10 years old, its expected)

Over time, I started gravitating towards other styles until I settled on a specific style thats my own.(A key inspiration was Kohei Horikoshi, MHA mangaka bevause I liked his style a lot) I could never copy them exactly, and I think that’s a key point into developing your style thats your own.

And if there was a certain something that didnt worked, I looked at my own body for references. Like hands, I did that if I really struggled.

I admit though, a lot of my style also relied on intuition (if something just felt off, I would correct it). Sometimes, you just gotta trust your guts ig.

I remember watching a video of an artist reacting to… uh Pewdiepie learning how to draw, and the artist said that one of the key things to improve was to take references, or be inspired by other styles that you like. This is why many artists tend to copy and study other artists’ styles, mainly to study and improve their own art.

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Thank you so much for that advice, also I did check out the pewdiepie vid and honestly, his day 1 is better than my current :sweat_smile:

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yea basically just look at other art and figure out what makes them look nice and then incorporate those ideas into your own art until you can create unique ideas of your own

a year is still pretty new ha, keep drawing and you’ll eventually figure it out.

that’s what I did at least and I’m like on year 3-4 now

become obssess with a character

i severely carnally desired Edward once and has learnt more about anatomy drawing him shirtless and tied up than i have for the past… 5 ỏ so years ive been an artist

in more serious words, find motivation

its like with doing litetally anything, you’ll do it better when you have an actual reason to do it


w h a t?