How dangerous is each magic's superpower/curse counterpart?

Each magic has many special attributes about it that make them unique and fun to use in their own way, but the magics themselves aren’t actually their elements, they’re just mimics, however, this post is gonna basically look at their superpower counterparts, basically more specialized, advanced, and generally cooler versions of what their magic counterparts are (also that they aren’t magic mockeries and control the actual element) and power scale/rate how dangerous they are.

How ranking their powers works

the ranks go from top to bottom in terms of strongest rating to lowest.


Let’s begin ranking shall we?

Acid manipulation

Acid manipulation could theoretically be extremely dangerous since you could be able to corrode almost any substance with extreme ease, almost nothing could really hold you back and you’d probably be able to melt entire cities if you got good enough at it.

I rank it: extreme

Glass manipulation

I mean… I guess so? you could theoretically easily be able to lacerate many things and probably be able to level cities by removing all windows, but it seems rather… idk, weak, against heavier structures or metal objects capable of withstanding or even breaking all glass based constructs and attacks.

I give it: extreme

Magma manipulation

You literally control the planet in a way, and could probably destroy it easily if you wanted too.

rating: demon

Shadow manipulation

Oh boy…

if you read my topic about why I believe umbrakinesis is capable of controlling dark matter/energy, then you should know probably where this is going, but if not, then basically… you kinda literally have the ability to manipulate the universe, being able to control mysterious and powerful matter capable of destroying and pulling things together, almost nothing could stop you…

rating: unstoppable threat

Water/ice/snow manipulation

Pretty self explanatory when you think about it, water manipulation is INCREDIBLY dangerous of a power, being able to basically control life itself, the ocean too, and any other body of water, you could kill people instantly with it, and manipulate the seas to unleash chaos and level cities with it.

water can also freeze into ice, you can make metal brittle and you could probably throttle the world into a new ice age with snow based abilities if you get good at it, very dangerous side abilities that ice and snow make for water based powers.

threat rating: demon

Crystal manipulation

Now crystal manipulation would probably be really cool looking, and I guarantee dangerous as well. capable of making massive crystals erupt from the ground to smother cities under them, or destroy mountains with them too, you could fire many tiny crystals like bullets, and crystalize things and surfaces that could be dangerous against animals and people. it’s a pretty destructive power that feels like a hybrid between glass and earth, being strong enough to destroy metal while being extremely sharp as well.

threat rating: demon

Earth manipulation

Crystal but you can literally control the ground. I mean you can lift a mountain and turn it into a meteor if I’m being honest.

threat rating: dragon

fire manipulation

This is a pretty great ability ngl, being able to scorch the earth and all who oppose you, I would say however fire based powers may fall short when trying to scorch the ocean, but perhaps with enough heat, it will evaporate the sea itself. you could also cook food with it.

threat rating: demon

light manipulation

This power is extremely stupid.

stupidly deadly.

let me explain.

being able to control light is basically like fire, but fast as hell. You essentially are controlling radiation at that point, you can scorch and melt anything, and do it blisteringly fast too, but that is nowhere near as interesting as I’m about to take this power.

Imagine being able to fight/run at lightspeed too? do you know how literally physically deadly that is? an object with mass travelling at the speed of light would be catastrophically dangerous, sure you might break the laws of physics, but every power does that in a way, so it’s fine we bend the rules. The point is however, being able to slam into enemies at lightspeed would literally result in there being no enemy.

threat rating: unstoppable threat

Wood/plant manipulation

Like basically earth and crystal except you can control plant life.

threat ranking: demon

Sand manipulation

Sand manipulation is pretty dangerous of a power, it feels like similar to glass in a way, but perhaps more dangerous since sand gets everywhere much easier, and is found is huge amounts all over the planet.

threat ranking: dragon

Wind manipulation

Do I even need to explain why being able to control massive columns of wind and extreme hurricanes is deadly?

threat ranking: dragon

Electricity manipulation

an interesting one indeed. lightning does provide for some rather creative usages that make it very deadly, you can easily mass electrocute people, knock out the power grid, make trees explode, and probably set things on fire too, maybe destroy buildings, but electricity is sadly very easy to counter too with things like rubber, or lightning rods.

however, electricity has 1 special talent… being able to control the electrical signals in out bodies, making this extremely powerful.

threat ranking: Demon/unstoppable threat

Poison manipulation

Literal instant threat to all biological organisms, but lacks in mass physical destruction capabilities. This one is tricky, and rather situational.

threat ranking: Hazardous

metal manipulation

being able to draw the metal out of people’s blood? and having the destructive mayhem powers of earth/crystal? and controlling the core of the planet?

threat ranking: demon

ash manipulation

mmmm if lung cancer was bad enough then imagine having your insides turn to concrete as you burn alive

also ashes (assuming they’re fresh and scorching hot) can ignite things so ouch.

threat ranking: demon

explosion manipulation

This one is pretty self explanatory, but if you had the ability to create supernova level explosions, you would be on a whole new level of dangerous to fight.

threat ranking: unstoppable threat

plasma manipulation

fire on steroids, do you wanna manipulate basically the sun itself?

threat ranking: unstoppable threat

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you sure i dont think its that weak-

flashback to that one time a thunder god got his balls kicked by funny rubber dude

eh, nvm

wouldn’t electricity manipulation let you control the electrical signals in a person’s body tho

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huh I guess so

meh doesn’t really change much, just trap them with insulation

UPDATE: buffed plasma since it’s kinda it’s own thing from fire

actually on second thought that changes things significantly

Magic itself is technically a superpower, so…

Honestly, that really depends on how the powers work. Yeah, it’s certainly plausible, but I don’t think all characters that have shadow powers necessarily means they’re dark-matter related powers.

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if you stretch the meaning of any superpower of course its gonna be incredibly powerful


your light definition reads like an epithet, controlling photons doesn’t give you lightspeed

also lightning, or controlling electrons, is the most dangerous thing ever

yknow, ripping apart electrons? what would that remind you of? a nuclear explosion?

multiply that by a fuckton because you have free reign over the sheer amount you break apart and dear lord you are creating supernova levels of explosions if you rip enough apart

if it’s a curse and you can become light it kinda does

ah, curse.

then lightning just gets that much more broken because lightning kinda moves really fast, not quite lightspeed but a big enough explosion beats moving fast any day

uh huh

why light is stupidly cracked lol

(on a side note, do you like moonlight or sunlight magic more? both look amazing :light_magic_var1: :light_magic_var2: )

moonlight prob

To be fair, while the comic states Flash ran a breadth’s hair short of the speed of light, if you do the actual calculations with the distance traveled divided by time elapsed, it would actually amount to 13 trillion times the speed of light, as stated here:

BIG ENOUGH explosion

also explosions expand outwards rapidly, which means they are slower then lightspeed, and that means the solution is to just explode it everywhere in an area at once since you can do that to every fucking atom, which will hit because you can’t outrun something completely encircling you

also you can just rip apart the curse user’s atoms since you’re ripping off electrons from atoms

moonlight, i like cooler colours

weird but sure

I mean, to expand, it takes time, right? You could probably get past it in the time it takes to expand (if you’re as ludicrously fast as the Flash and not any slower).

I don’t think an explosion expands at light speed though

solution: make every single atom in a sphere explode at once