How did Theos mutate pheonix magic?

Like, didn’t he say it was another form of his pheonix magic?

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I don’t know if that’s canon anymore tho lol

he didnt idk what youre talking about


how did he strike Prometheus tho

I think they’re talking about the blue flames (probably were always there)

He got a super rare mutation of his 3rd mind and is the only human being in the world to get that mutation.

Blue and Yellow was the color of his Phoenix Magic, Arcturus is the Magic he’s talking about

Arcturus was originally a mutation of Phoenix as a Rare Mutation but scrapped later on and Theos simply mutated his Fire Mind

??? where do yall even get this information bro it doesnt say that anywhere in the lore doc


Guess i have been lied to

headcanon is a hell of a drug lmao

I’m pretty sure he’s referring to Arcturus, which was in the webcomic (I think?)

It can be a bit confusing occasionally

my mans confusing vetex with fanmade lore :skull: how tf thats possible

the webcomic isn’t canon idk why so many people think it is


is the closest what we have from something “canon”

Some people think it’s canon (I know it’s not now), I did for a few weeks until I was told otherwise

Occasionally there’s just some confusion

people desesperate we need answers even if they are not official :sob:

didn’t theos use some red magik to punch Prometheus in AA tho? (when PK gets to tower?)

I’m pretty sure Prometheus was never in AA.

i think its less about it being in the webcomic and more about it being a boss battle in ar