How did your “easter” event go (Please also answer poll)

I hope for some replies to get to know how some of you did in the easter event, and just discuss the easter event in generel

I really liked doing the easter egg event and going around collecting different easter eggs, but I had some trouble with 2 of the eggs.

  1. The asteroid egg felt to luck based, and I spent over 10 hours on my 3rd file when completing the event, just looking for the egg, on my other files the trouble was minimal though with the egg, guess
    it was bad luck.
  2. The shark egg became hard to get when shark spawns were nerfed, which slowed my progress a lot on my 4th and onwards file.

What eggs troubled you?

In total I managed to complete the event 7 times, how many times did you complete it.

Would really like to know how many times, if any you guys completed it.

How many easter events did you complete
  • 0 event complete
  • 1 completed
  • 2 completed
  • 3 completed
  • 4 completed
  • 5 completed
  • 5+ completed

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Shark and treasure

event was so boring i had to actively force myself to grind for my second valk (i didnt even get it)
faberegg was by fair the hardest overall

apart from the endless grind for shark egg it was fun

I think the treasure egg might have caused trouble in generel, cause to me it seemed to be very hard to get from multi location trasure charts. Though i was never certain if this is true

I got 2 Ravenna maps :skull:

the event was fun except the pvphead egg which requires me to rk someone, thank god i had a friend that i could brutally murder

I found looking for a monster in the agora and if none then server hopping was quickest. In the end, still took hours sadly for a single egg

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I payed people i murdered, 500 gallon no mather the situation as compensation.

Successfully managed to complete it on 2 files. My third file was missing the shark egg, which I spent the whole week searching for to no avail :face_with_thermometer:

I managed to complete it on all 12 of my files.

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Finished the first one pretty enthusiastically, but it didn’t have much replay value I’d say. Just didn’t feel like redoing it on a second file.

Most troublesome egg, the PvP one. I don’t care for PvP. Also awful, were the Mt. Othrys egg on any save that already awakened, and any egg north of the stepstones. Asteroid Egg wasn’t too bad.

i dont know how people did it more than once you need to touch grass

I was going to get the second completion until I found out the event ended earlier today than expected. I was missing only the shark egg, which refused to drop despite a couple hours killing sharks in underwater structures. I assume it doesn’t drop from regular sharks at this point.


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bad since I had extremely bad luck with the treasure egg and lost my valk helmet. (the event ended early by like 2 and a half hours)

I did it on all 6 of my files but I definitely didn’t like how hard the shark egg was to get after he nerfed shark spawns.

Yes, only dropped from sharks above normal sharks, meaning tiger shark was the smallest one that could drop it

I couldn’t finish it cause 1 I kinda got burned out of the game and 2 I can’t PvP for shit so that PvP bounty egg was impossible for me