How did your “easter” event go (Please also answer poll)

its my 2nd last or smt, the last one was bronze egg cause im too lazy to actually do treasure chart lol

Fair, treasure charts are always a hassel, they should really find a way to make them more fun or rewarding

i proposed an idea where sometimes its a fake treasure chart and you will be ambushed instead, could spite thing up a bit and isnt go to location a and dig for half an hour
( can only happen with common chart )

frostmill was a pain trying 100% god, pretty sure i spent at least 30 minutes solving shell’s once too

damn shark and cannon eggs are rare???

i legit got them randomly on almost every file i played on

event prize was lame didn’t bother doing it

it was cool. My issue was some are vague and luck based ones were kinda silly, though I didn’t have any trouble with the luck based ones

i got it first try

I didn’t even try to complete it

I got 3 done and by the end I was so burned out from the game idk why anyone would want to do more.

Its quite fresh to play on a brand new file rn.

finally I have seen you swear

ok could you stop following through my posts and pinging me, its getting annoying

0 because I haven’t played AO at all yet

I swear I did not do that. Sorry, I won’t speak to you again.

holy crap this is the most genuine drama i have seen in a while

Yo, tetra changed their name. Anyway, yeah tetra didn’t respond yet.