How do I see my first msg

pls tell I can’t find it

Scroll all the way down in ur activity ig. Good luck.

If you want an “easier” way, you can search through your user data instead of mindlessly scrolling through activities.

To do this, first click on your preferences

- request a copy of your user archive


This will download a copy of your entire forums data in a ZIP file. Within this ZIP file you’ll find a lot of personal info in the form of a CSV files.


The file you’ll be looking for is going to be the user_archive.csv
After opening this file, you’ll find an entire list of all your activity sorted from first to last. This means that the first entry in the list will be your first post.

Now if you expand the url section of the file by dragging it, you can copy and paste this into your browser and find your first post easily.

In which case, mine would be this comment


it says mine is this

but it doesn’t have the banner that says this is my first post

and I remember posting stuff b4 this

First post was a necro post :fr:

oh it doesn’t say that for me

what does necro mean


You casted foul and arcane magics to posts that SHOULD be dead and revived them unwillingly.

Luckily its just a 1 month post, but I’ve seen worse necros before