How do I stop getting witch-hunted?

I am getting witched hunted for killing a low level player and taking their cargo, what do I do, since their friends are now hunting me. Any ideas?

edit am not getting witch hunted (for now) but ill have this up still

dont get shit started again shushhhh shush shush

wat do you mean

oh hey its you

hows the count ?

just dont play for the day and eventually they will give up :man_shrugging:

30 i think for players 28/25 so its good

28/25 for boats

Accept the fact that karma’s a b****.


you better pray we dont end up in the same server lil bro

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uhhh why?

killing low-level player and stealing cargo is worse than actually doing witch hunting


beating low levels and stealing their cargo and sinking their ship is not a crime

but its not blox fruits tho

Sink the ships of those who can fight back

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Yeah, uh, this side of the community can be defensive when it comes to pirate crimes… specifically targetting low levelled players and also stealing other people’s stuff, since its something considered as unfair by the people here. So yeah, just to let you know :sweat_smile:


(not threats but what will actually happen if my explosion mage file somehow ends with him on same server)

Deal with it, nobody will help you, don’t even think about logging off for about a few days or so and think they’ll ignore you.

From my personal experience I pissed off a clan and just witch-hunted me for maybe a few weeks (this was shortly after the release of AO 14 player count) but they soon gave up after they kept dying to me one day on Dark Pine Isle. (Island that gives AoE mages like me huge advantage)

They’ll probably give up who knows, they sound like they have a life anyway.

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whats ur username i want to join in (/s)

its CatStrikers