How do you feel about sunken armor being so rare?

An average joe probably doesnt have a maxed out enchanted sunken set and it will take like a bit before people even have spare sunken items to sell

Its stupid how a set of armor that barely gives good stats is this rare.


It’s way too rare for an early game armor that only gives you a slight advantage, no new player will even consider grinding for it when the full game is out.

dude who tf even uses magic size, the only useful part of the entire set is the sword

Yeah they buffed magic size, agility and all that, but a player is still good with just power and defence. He should make it 1/250 or something like that, imagine getting the armor and getting a trash enchant, same with the sword

I mean if you consider that not everyone is supposed to have sunken items at all, it’s ok.
They are slightly better than other items, so that if you get them you get a slight advantage that rewards you for getting it but you aren’t totally screwed if you can’t get any.

yeah if chances of getting armor like this are already this rare what are gonna be the chances in the future???

The only reason some people are defending this is because they want to take “rare” literally, as in rare among all players even a month after the update releases rather than rare for the individual player. That’s not how rarity should work.

bro i see u in every single post complaining. jsut stop smh. its a rare item and the devs a re fine with it. mopst ppl are fine with it. so just stop smh

Cite your source saying most people are fine with it, because from this posts poll it seems like the opposite is the case.

Of course you start replying before checking the poll, typical.

thats called randoms that no one knows that dont understand grinding for more than 2 days to get a rare item

also, i checked the poll it ttakes 2 seconds lol

so stfu your just pissing ppl off and creating more drama. stop complaining and deal with it. if u dont wanna fish for it, buy it in 2 weeks

Hey buddy, you came into this post’s replies to attack me, now you’re calling me the problem… Mmmm, okay.
I’m not going to bother arguing with you because you’re overly aggressive and would get this topic closed for going off-topic.

lol then stop fucking complaining on every single post. just fucking grind or buy it lmaoooo

Mind giving that reply to the other 10+ people in other posts who have been complaining about this too?
Why do you single me out?
Do you go around looking for people to try and call out to feel good about yourself but are too lazy to scroll up?

well i singled u out because your complaining on every single post thtat hasthe word sunken in lmaoooo

Yeah I’m allowed to have a different opinion than you dude. Don’t see why you have to attack me for it though.

theres a differance from having a dif opinion and crying on every single post made about something related to sunken lol and im not attacking u, im pointing out that ur an idiot