How do you imagine the game's going to be when it's actually finished?

When they game’s actually finished, how do you imagine the gameplay like? When every mechanic is introduced and a lot of content has been added into the game… how’s the game going to be according to your imagination?

What lost/primordial magics will be the most used, what Guilds will triumph, how hard the game’s going to be?


4 words: E P I C

The finished product would be a sight to see, but just imagine picking up this game 2 hours ago and seeing level 5000s RKO each other


Pure bliss, and alot of destruction from max lvl explosion users


Don’t forget the other content besides magic. The crazy weapons people will have, the sheer insane scale of the map.

God tier. (If it isn’t abandoned)

Of course it will still have it’s flaws and bugs, but it will be 100000000000000x times better than it is right now no doubt.

Can’t really imagine this game ever being finished so…
Either abandonned or not abandonned yet and still in development


I think it might be laggy af

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Pretty, dang, INSANE

i feel like the power crawl in this game is going to be dbz scale lmao

depends on how strong and rare the primordial/lost magics are going to be but hopefully it won’t be as toxic as AA was sometimes with camping at low level spawns and whatnot

Hopefully no toxicity. Secondly the difference between a level 5k and a level 10 will be like the difference between base Goku and Jiren

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yeah the minimum pvp level is helpful but after the level cap hits 1000 or so it won’t really matter

terrible for new players
some random max lvl is gonna fire off their weakest spell and destroy an entire town


haha honestly i’m excited to be able to destroy an entire bandit camp with one attack

Lmao and say: Kore de OWARI DA.
*in the distance, you see a massive explosion as a town is completely decimated

kinda worried for how that will be regulated but well see
like if a max lvl bad rep starts a threat and a max lvl good rep fights him…

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Erm the world is going to explode. oh and btw they’re probably going to have some sort of pvp shield that scales based on level? or a protection plan that was mentioned in the trello

yea but building wont have a shield lmao
low lvls wont be able to complete any quest if the town is wiped off the map

There is no more Summerhold. It’s all gone.

The city has fallen into the sea, and its inhabitants are dead or dying. They escape into the waters, knowing that it may be their only salvation.

Another blast and the sea is gone, sending tidal waves over the ocean.

The good wizard just goes “oops lmao”