How has your experience in dw been?

For me my dumbass just got lost on the spawn island and wasted an hour :skull:


It’s been ok. Soon I hope to figure out how to get mantras and start progressing.

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Same as you but in the sea and still lost to this day, I’m currently in some cave thing.

Overall though pretty pleasant though the blocking/parrying system is something I’m still trying to get used to. Getting repeatedly attack by an NPC and being unable to just get out of it actually just sucks, hate that kind of combat system. I could go on a whole rant about it but I’ll choose not to, for now. I just try to parry too early all the time and never block shit. I just don’t think I know how to block. Holding down F does nothing extra. It baffles me, or maybe I’m just stupid.

Still it’s just been pretty dang fun being lost exploring what there is. I think it has my favorite character customization in any Roblox game, so, that’s a plus.

The only thing that’s impressed me so far was the water/boating, NPCs are pretty nice too. Could be much better if I invested some more time into it but I am in no position to be caring about another game rn and as a causal player I don’t think this appeals to me so much. This has been far from the worse purchase I’ve made but it’s one I gotta live with I suppose. Might try to get into it later when I know more. :nod:

Overall 7/10


I’m confused as hell but the game looks pretty good so far

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I’ve wiped a couple of times and learning, don’t know how to use boats… and I got Felinor


I got my ass kicked by npcs just because I don’t have a fucking clue how the combat system works

Oh no, this is very unfortunate I heard you will just get targeted lol.

back to playing AR on day 2 cus i got bored of the grinding

What is AR? Arcane Reborn?


I’m a Felinor and I’ve been fine so far, then again I’ve also just ran into a few people. Being targeted and preyed on feels nice though :nod:

I have not played Deepwoken and cannot confirm anything :mariomug:

do you guys recommend it? i can buy it if so

u want millions of free lamina that i did NOT abuse a glitch that i found and tried to report to the devs but they didnt listen to obtain

World of Magic/AO has better

you can’t compare the two since you’ve only ever payed WoM and not Deepwoken.

Deepwoken Pros:
Feminine/masculine characteristics (albeit small ones)
Traits (boons/flaws) and attributes
Selection of last name
Selection of where you start off
Facial markings that aren’t linked with certain faces
Better faces (subjective depending on just which one you like more but this has more “detailed” faces with eye colors so)

WoM Pros:
Select clothes
More name options (I think, but still Deep has a lot to offer)

probably could list more for both but don’t wanna spend 30 minutes thinking about this, I just think about how cool Dragon’s Dogma’s character customization system is.

Don’t forget hair customization

WoM wins in that department hands down :nod:

Slight update wiped a couple time just to start over , bout 2 slots so I’ve spent 800 robux on this game. Still don’t understand combat or even leveled up once :skull: