How is one banned indefinetly

i like how its been a year im still banned from ao because of supposed “chest exploits” and ive been playing since arcane adventures ive been a part of this community for a very long time and i dont have evidence to appeal a ban to even put a ticket in and i feel its been a fair amount of time to mention this cus my pc cant really handle recording 24/7 for that what if. i get this game is trying to make sure no one has a unfair advantage by making sure no one cheats but at the same time you gotta cut people some slack at some point cus man yes some people who cheat will return to these ways and continue to cheat but some people will learn and continue learning from thier past mistakes but to just straight perma ban with no way to get unbanned for lack of evidence kinda sucks especially after waiting a year in hopes they will have some kindness in their hearts to forgive us

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wah wah

don’t hack

skill issue honestly

just shouldn’t have cheated

Isnt there some sort of system where its like 7 points or smth? then after 7 months you can appeal
idk this might be something different
or thats just vetcord or balancecord im thinking of ig

thats vetcord “bans”
or in this case permanent mutes

oh mb
confused it with discord

last time someone tried talking to vetex about unbanning themselves for cheating they got cussed out, there’s not a lot of leniancy

theres no point unbanning exploiters, just make a new account
even if you were unbanned (which, no, wont happen), literally all your data would have to be wiped which gives the same result as making a new account, just less annoying

I hope you are given a chance for redemption, I sympathize with being banned from a community or game one likes a lot… Hopefully your situation is considered!

rather have a wiped account then play alted beside i dont care about having to use a alt i just think that perma banning doesnt stop cheaters if they want to cheat they will cheat banning doesnt really solve too much

…so what, should we not ban them?

dont hack then lol

That is not what i mean i am trying to say sure ban cheaters because yes thats how it should go, but at the same time do you truly believe it should last forever? how would you feel if u were banned from a game lets say u did actually cheat and they of course hand you a ban. Should that ban last for literal years i can understand 3-6 months for sure plus a data wipe too really get the point across that cheating is bad. im just trying to say people change you dont need to punish them for life to get a point across give people a second chance because im sure you would hope for the same if it was you.

the last time we had a post like this I believe, Aqua, it turned out they WERE exploiting, and chest anticheat correctly assessed and banned them, which they then said was false on the forums.

anyways, you mention having been in this community since arcane adventures, but who are you?

This guy after he finds out people:

  • can get punished for life irl
  • rulebreakers are more likely to repeat their offence than anything
  • making an alt on roblox is 5 minutes at best and you can connect it to your main via that family thing to switch instantly

If you didnt want to be in this situation, you shouldve thought of the consequences before.

there has never been a false positive chest ban. just dont exploit

you can do that?

edit: apparently this guy was actually chest exploiting





if you dont want to be banned either
a) dont get caught
b) use alt accounts

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