How is the "bursting" enchantment going to work on bows and shields?

Bigger arrows? Wider block angle range (if that’s even a thing)?

Weapons have skills so it’ll affect their AoE.

blocking a larger area

But what about normal attacks? Bows and shields don’t have special skills.

bigger arrows

Like Meta said, instead of contact weapons have hitboxes that can extend outside the blade itself. It will just expand the hitboxes of the weapon, most likely, making attacks easier to hit.

instead of damage being “sword hit you, you take damage”, all weapons will instead make small aoes

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I’m still a bit confused on how it will work with shields. I thought blocking was just a state your character would be in, rather than an extra hitbox.

not sure if its been tested but i think you might still be able to be attacked from behind

That would make sense, but I don’t see how the bursting enchantment would affect that if your shield already protects you in the direction you are facing.

Man I had this on my mind for a suggestion but I’m glad it’s being added. I wish bursting would make a sunken sword go higher tho.


so I guess there’s gonna be bursting and hard for shields

thank god, now hard isn’t gonna be shit anymore

It basically confirms that shields are getting attack moves of their own, which I’m guessing will primarily be AOE shield bashes

Maybe better arrow hitboxes? But if so that sounds annoying.

Imagine shooting a bow, but instead of arrows it shoots ballista bolts.

shield bashes or charges

sword special attacks are bigger.

Ima just guess the Bows arrow will get bigger or the Bow itself gets bigger so you can shoot more than arrow arrow like probably 3 at a time or more depending on how much bursting or maybe it’s gonna be for magic to a point it’ll be like shooting a blast

bigger arrows or big aoe

Someone insert the image with the guy with a ballistic missile in his bow.

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