How long do you think the next update will take to make?

2-3 months let vetex breath and fix his game-

I’d lowball at 1 month and highball on 3, Vetex has a shit ton of builders already, making an island should not be hard now, not only that but he also has people willing to model, animate, and make soundtracks for him aswell, so that type of stuff shouldn’t be too hard, If you stalked reminders for AO back in the day, you know how quickly vetex cranks out story parts so i’m not awfully worried about the story, if anything, making bosses is probably what would take the longest, the real thing that may take up the most time would be adding new items, fleshing out systems, and all the new stuff that comes with the new sea in general (a shit ton of NPCs, exploration taks, spawnpoints, etc.), Vetex also mainly attributes not being able to get it out this year due to UGC issue, which probably means he is confident that he can get it out by around the end of the year, not that vetex has the best prediction times so it’s logical to assume it would take 2 or 3 months, assuming nothing that causes any crazy delays happen

If i were to try calculate it:
Story: 1.5 weeks max
Islands (NPC spawns, fleshing it out, lore, etc.): 3 weeks max
Diving spots/ misc.: 1 week (depends on how fast builders can build really)
Other systems (charts, possible factions, etc.): 1 week
New items: 2 weeks

Of course, i’m not a dev or vetex, so this is just my 50 cents but judging what i’ve seen from the bronze sea, realistically it shouldn’t take that long, especially since it’s only half of the story as well, and i doubt too much will be added intially

this seems reasonable, i can also agree on the 1-3 months.

Remember alignement system?

Now you can not only be hated by the GN/AS but also Samaria and Skyhall, yippee!

Stuff like Island building would be hard to imagine not happening simultaneously with the story

i remember in 1.13 i got a player mad and said to meet at munera, and he said to wait there, and weirdly enough 2 players with high bounty joined soon after i said i was there