How many 7-year-old children could you take in a fight?

Simple question, how many 7-year-olds could you take on in a fight, assuming both unarmed and the fighting place is just a generic concrete arena? Also, all is fair game, including murder.

Some extra related questions if you feel like answering:

  • How many 5 year olds could you win against in a fight?

  • How many 10 year olds could you take on in a fight?

  • In an endless hoard how long you think you could last?

  • Fuck you lets allow everyone, including the children, to bring weapons. What do you use, since now the hoard is armed with random bullshit?

  • Lets spice shit up. Let me make a proper arena based on a generic school yard. There is a giant grass field, with a shitty baseball path for some makeshift game of baseball and a shed behind the “”“stadium”“” filled with baseball gear (bats, helmets, balls, est). In the other half we got a concrete floor with a bunch of picnic tables nearby serving as the lunch place, luckily vacant. There is a small cage nearby filled with balls (assuming all fully inflated, and have much variety (rubber, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, est.), a few plastic hula hoops, and a bunch of jump ropes, probably some other PE gear as well. There’s a bunch of small basketball courts, some with loose basketball hoops. And in the corner, we have a shitty playground, with the floor with woodchips. There is a short ladder and stairs up to the platform, and a slide, and nearby there are monkey bars and a swing set. Now, what is your strategy to fight off the children, how many you think you could deal with, and if a hoard how long, all assuming they come in either like a bunch of gladiators or a giant swarming hoard closing in.

Also another bonus, take this stupid quiz:

I have my gauntlets under my skin
Any amount

I feel like you can easily get overrun since those are probably slow as shit

I put my attributes into strength and agility (real)

Okay you good

None, I am the weakest kid in my school and everyone I know

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I’d say about two dozen. They’re soft but their numbers are many. Depends on if they are feral or if they are just actual kids though, like if I punch them and they just give up and start crying or if I stab them in the face and they still try to bite me. Still just about a dozen or so, I got a fair bit of strength on me. Really only their numbers themselves are bad. Not even like endurance style just like they could literally all dogpile on me and not much I can do before I suffocate. Still I think I can manage 24 7 year olds in a fight.

Going to bump this up some, three dozen. Again softer but more of them. On average they are also often under 4 feet tall. All I need to do is knock them down and stomp on their neck to end their lives, not a whole lot of effort required so yeah I think a fair bit more.

Harder for sure but these things aren’t even hitting puberty yet. A single dozen I’m sure I can take on, more confident that I can take on this number of 10 year old kids than twice as many 7 but weirdly more confident that I can take on three dozen 5 year olds.

Bat probably. Aim for the heads and use my superior reach, along with a pretty long weapon by itself, and crush their skulls before they can even get close with their knives. Blunt weapons I feel are also just better for endurance fights. Don’t need to break skin or even kill, incapacitating is good enough. The bat does just that, one swing and the fuckers start falling

Go get a bat and start wacking them. I might go get some jump ropes just in case I need them for whatever reason (like to strangle the fuckers) but overall just really need a bat. I’d probably just lock myself in one area and let them come at me. It sure as hell will be something. I’d say about three dozen, why not.


This is just like playing deepwoken!!!


Hand me a large blunt object and I could easily take on at least 50
My weapon of choice is a Shovel.

7 year olds are so Ez to beat it’s more of an endurance test than a challenge

if i use a nailed bat (for demoralization on top of pain) i could get at least a baker’s dozen and a half

Without weapons and firearms, they’d shank me effortlessly. No amount of skills and tactic can make up for the lack of weapons.
With weapons and firearms however, the problem stops being how many I can take, but how long I’ll last, I’d say I’ll last 1 and a half hour of constantly fighting, after that they would probably be able to shank me to death

depends, do they have a knife and do you mean like all of them at once or one bye one ?
if knife is yes and one by one, probably… 8?
idk the only thing that concerns me is my low-a$$ stamina, doubt their short arm and reach will be able to do anything to me even with a knife
same go for no knife
all at once, however… maybe 4-6 ?
with knife ? erm, 3-4 probably

probably around the same, slightly higher ( ~10 )

like, is there a cooldown ? if not then probably 3-5 minutes, as i said, low-a$$ stamina

oh so now they have weapons
can i have some rope and knife

the last question is too long for me to answer now, maybe later

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if I had my epee probably a good amount, children that don’t even have protection go down quick with a few whacks

the 5 year olds are the exact same, the 10 year olds may be slightly more resilient but nothing can survive a fuck ton of whacks from a metal object.

in an endless horde it depends on if they have surrounded me or not, much easier to defend against people cornering you than people surrounding you

if they all have weapons, then epee it still is unless they can have guns.

if they do, it’s time for me to choose a mech suit since you didn’t specify what kind of weapons

without weapons maybe 10

with them probably like 40

without weapons 100 i have really big fist

Somebody tell me why i immediately started smiling when i seen this post.
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idf soldier behaviour

Just be a character from primal
You’ll kill every last one of them