How many new players do you want for AO?

I saw a post before asking how many new players you thought would come with AO. I’m asking how many new players you would LIKE.

I think a mix of popularity and a tight centered community would be nice so around like 3,000-5,000 range but I feel like we’re going to exceed that margin

That much ? Wow

at least enough so that there’s a lot of variety with what you see people using

I’m thinking between 25k and 100k at public release. For concurrent players, maybe around 5k and 10-15k at big updates.

The problem is, I’m scared that we could a bunch of toxic players.

100K ?! Seriously ?

When you think about it things like gpo which now, has about 20k players and that community is usually in the loop about everything in that game

same, it would suck


100k is definitely a high ball but I don’t mind shooting for it, as long as people are appreciating vet’s work

Again, I’m just scared WE inherit of a toxic community from other games.

I don’t think it’s likely, but I think it’s in the realm of possibility. I don’t remember if Deepwoken hit over 100k at release but if it did I wouldn’t be surprised if AO managed to do the same


I mean shit WoM had 13k people on it at one point and I’m certain that AO can reach even higher (more hype, a player base that’s at least tried WoM, better overall game with more content to do from the start where as WoM on release had a max level of like 60-80).

World of Magic also has an astonishing amount of new players that keep coming back to it. In my opinion World of Magic isn’t even really a game, but an advertisement. It’s a demo, a taste. But that comes with it’s pros and cons.

Players may be like “Oh this is Arcane Odyssey? I’ve played this before, it’s that magic game! I wonder what it’s like” and join. Similarly minded players will wonder what it’s about or think it’s similar to WoM in appearance and join to see what it’s like, wondering if it’s some kind of continuation.

But other players might think that it’s exactly like WoM and write it off. A bad first impression is always a bad first impression so this could do more harm or good for the game, we don’t know. What we do know is that Vetex chose to keep WoM up while AO is in development, maybe to rack up passive income or to promote the game, idk.

10k+ is at the very least possible. :nod:

Thought about it some more and I take this back. Between 25-50k at public release, final answer.

I agree with 25k release and 5k concurrent. This could change however if daddy Roblox Twitter gives Vetex more milky

Dear god what did I just utter

as many as possible

Technically mostly everyone will be a new player since we haven’t played the game yet

8k concurrent, but that will only happen if he just finishes everything thats planned for release instead of early paid access.