How strong is our character lore wise?

we defeated king calvus so it make me wonder how strong are we?

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strong enough to defeat king calvus


Anime MC levels strong.

But in all seriousness, since we were experimented on by the Order, it’s possible we had something that made the Order want us, something that makes us incredibly powerful enough to rival the current king of the Ravenna Realm, maybe even greater and possibly cataclysmic in terms of raw power alone. Do note I’m referring to magic-related strength, weapons and strength are debatable.

Calvus is not even that strong lore wise just saying

We’re probably on the same level as second sea peacekeeper by the end of the story. Just my guess tho :man_shrugging:


Strong enough to beat prince revon

Lore wise, isekai MC level

Gameplay wise, I mean we are able to regen (at least without half our hp being gone first, get gotten Carina) and we can respawn to get merked by Elius and Calvus over and over again. Though, we dont have limitless energy, have to wait a while to use skills- cooldown, unlock skills / awaken later (lv 100 Ravvena gaurds using two magics), and have these “stat builds” that arbitrarily restrict us from using combat methods (lv 130 Marine Majors who use two magics and a combat style), so that basically makes us weaker than everyone else at the same level.

The king is either 1 of two things:
A conjurer, or a savant
Assuming he is a savant then it is no wonder he can barely beat a level 125.

Genuinely annoying, but lore wise this can be explained with what Warren said. Defeating Calvus prepared us physically for our first awakening physically, but not mentally. Hence why we had to go on a journey to awaken. It can also probably be assumed that us being “special” is why our progression is so different. So while a Marine Major can technically get an equivalent of a warlock 2nd awakening, they at the end of the day can be defeated by the player with a varying amount of difficulty.

Pretty strong.

No further elaboration

If Calvus can do that what will Wotan and his sons do :cold_sweat:

I hope we get a war arc with them where we have to fend off the forces of Keraxe by the end of the Nimbus sea. (Maybe we could awaken mid war)

hes arguably the weakest high lord, its hinted at in the game that high lords get stronger/harder as the story progresses

Savant, he uses iron leg.

According to Vetex on this suggestion, Calvus tried mastering everything, and as a result, became rather mediocre compared to how he would’ve been had he just stuck to aether, iron leg, and his trident.

Common savant L

yes, but actually no

Luffy post arlong park strength

Not even close :broken_heart:

If they can take out some of the strongest people in one of the war seas probably pretty strong

The protagonist is probably decent in terms of strength (talking about all classes here) and since Vetex confirmed that defeating King Calvus is not really a great feat when in reality King Calvus is not a “real savant” he’s a botched and a pathetic example of a savant.

Vetex said that Calvus learned things wrong and It isn’t how savants are supposed to catch up with the others. He probably mastered magic only considering he has aether light but no other significant styles of combat other than a down smash with strength and a singular trident move.

Savants are supposed to learn a few of each to mix and match. Calvus didn’t do this and he mostly used magic and never switching up his gears.

The protagonist’s feats are not really that great either, he fought an Agent of the order, which is a middle rank probably, also an Officer, probably a middle rank and a pretty worn down General Argos. General Julian didn’t even try and he one shot us instantly, even if we were tired from Lady Carina’s fight there is no excuse getting one shot lol.

The protagonist is probably as strong as 40 Centurions or maybe lower for now. So pretty strong really. Do note that the protagonist’s special power probably isn’t power-related like the Peacekeeper’s body made out of pure untouched magic, he probably has something else instead.