How the actual fuck is mal not banned yet

All he does is constantly break the rules with off topic and shitty suggestions. He has also made a alt account to post even more shitty suggestions.

I’m genuinely surprised he isn’t banned yet.

According to himself, he is an alt account

Then should he be banned?

According to the official rules, rule number 7 states that
“Do not enter the server with a new account if you get kicked/banned.”
Don’t know if he himself would count towards that rule, but the other alt he supposedly made (assuming we’re talking about the same account) was banned so that would probably count


but then he could just continue creating alts right?

If there’s enough evidence to obviously be able to prove that it’s him, then that alt would get banned courtesy of rule 7


(20 characters, i spelled the word above wrong)

he also turns replies on topics into toxic shitfests that require mod attention.

i’m telling you, it’s an elaborate trolling scheme.

why else would he fucking like my post where i ask him if he’s in a BDSM RR34 group?

Jesus he should not be banned especially if there is no actual reason. I mean there is no actual reason that explains the whole banning him situation so I don’t rly see the point in trying to ban him or somewhat bully him with inappropriate words which could be considered breaking the rule because I think there’s a rule connected to swearing or something

you didn’t actually read the rules then buckaroo.
swearing is okay so long as you’re not trying to break the record of longest insult ever told.
I only started swearing around him after his shenanigans wore my patience thin!

no but seriously he’s the only forum user i know of who causes so much annoyance.

nobody else has such a negative reputation in this forum.

mal will always come back, since he has a empire of alts.
he cant be stopped.

No you but that means I could make a post with freaking swear words that nobody likes just to show how you feel about a user who is probably not guilty of anything wrong? I mean so I can make a hate post just cuze I’m allergic to cats?

Oh and making altss is okay unless it’s for doing wrongggg stuff and as far as I know, making an alt because you forgot your old account is okay

while i agree mal should’ve been fucking banned right now. there is currently no rule that can be used against him. he technically didnt break any rules right now. man we should have a rep system and anybody with trust level 2 can either give positive rep or negative rep to a user. and when a neg rep reach certain threshold he should just be banned.

Nowhere in the ToS does it say a forum must be a democracy so social credit let’s go.

This is exactly why trust level 0 exists, to combat alts.

it’s more so to combat raids, actually.

That is true.

loreing just came back