How the heck does the Arcane lore work?

Alright so, I was ranting a bit about this in another topic, but I want to set something straight. The ENTIRE Arcane universe lore is fucked from the very beginning, when Vetex says that Chaos is a “evil force” and is ever expanding like dark matter. Chaos in actual Greek mythology is the first being to ever exist. he is a primordial god who had children with Nyx, a chthonic god that is the 2nd being to exist in our universe. This already means that Nyx had never given birth to the Titans, hence the gods don’t exist.

And speaking of Titans, where the fuck are they? Titans are the fathers/mothers of the gods, especially Cronus giving birth to Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus, the most important gods in Greek mythology. But no, apparently there is no connection between them or the lore, or the massive war that took place before magic, the Titanomachy (war against titans). And before you say “Oh wEll tHe wAR anD tItanS toOk plAce bEforE dAted hUman hIstorY” then yes, I would agree with you. But that does not mean that they should not be incorporated into the lore somehow. Even Prometheus being called a god does not make sense, because he is a Titan.

And while we are on the subject of gods, what happened to all the Chthonic/Minor gods? I get minor gods are pretty irrelevant, but they are still gods, and from my understanding the war between wizards only wiped out major gods.

And there is also no mention of hell in the story. I think it would be a nice twist with one of the characters if they took a swim in the river Styx.

And i get that Vetex is busy with making games, but you have had like 6 years (i dont know how long the lore has been published) to edit the current lore.

it doesn’t

other than that tho, let me explain

perhaps the gods were spawned from chaos itself, or maybe not. It might be explained in AO since the war seas used to house mount olympus.


maybe not that one tho


dead (probably)

well, yes, but actually… Yes. The only mention of hell thus far in the series was when it was confirmed that the whole sorting of damned souls was done automatically and not by Hades. So yes, hell does exist, but it’s never mentioned in thee games.

tread lightly

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Still does not explain the existence of Titans or why they are just so not important. And Chthonic gods never died, not until Vetex or Tech says so.

I mean, I highly doubt vetex would even want to spend the time to fit in everything from Greek mythology into the lore of his games. It’s just based on Greek mythology and the idea of humanity being given magic as opposed to fire from Prometheus. Adding in the stuff with the Titans and all the other gods and such would be too much from a roblox game that’s only loosely based in Greek mythology.


Also all your points are based on theory so invalid. (jk im sorry)

6 years though, 6 years.

Existence of titans would be explained if they were spawned from chaos itself, but they not important cuz they dead

yea well they’re probably dead. I doubt that they would’ve stayed quiet over the years with Durza and PK running about.


Why make it more complex though, there’s no need.

Bro gods are dead so i guess they aint important

yeah, honestly

I need something to rant about, forums are dying.

Still Titans should be important or somewhat explained, your points are still invalid (I’m jk). And at best I would like an explanation on how tf Gods/Titans exist in the first place. Also your theory with Chaos is wrong cause if his influence spread here, he would have been attracted to the war being fought by Titans/Wizards.

Understandable, it would be nice to see a bit more expansion but I feel like that would just be too much.

If their influence hasn’t reached us yet, then why do we have magic?

And if anything, why would he give life when he is all about being a bad boy.

Idk wait for AO, there’s a hell of a lot more Greek influence there compared to AA

Im gonna assume that his “consciousness” had not spread as far as our earth yet, and that he is magic, and somehow that gave life on earth magic idk.

Humanity’s prolly too insignificant for them to notice

I’m pretty sure its just mount Olympus and some curse vaults, but I will be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

I just realized that this is the first post that i have not been shit on by Clashmaster. Or just proven dead wrong in general lol.

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