How to Deal with an RK'er

If you’re one of those people who get bullied by those cancer players all the time, well you’re not alone.

Step 1: Identifying A Possible Assailant

Oftentimes, people see someone approaching them but have no clue what they’re going to do. Before the Guild Update, strangers usually walk up to you with friendly intent (key word “usually”). After the update, 90% of them are gonna be RK’ers.

Gather as much info about the person as possible. Find their name on the player list and see if they belong in a guild or not (if they are then it’s almost a guaranteed RK’er). Keep track of what weapons they have (Oathkeeper, Sunken, etc.). If you’re not prepared then you’ll be met with a nasty surprise.

If you see someone running directly towards you, you better start acting by either throwing the first punch or keeping some distance. Being trigger-happy in this case is encouraged, taking away the element of surprise and initiative would be extremely helpful. Nobody cares if the person was actually friendly or not, waste the mtfkr.

Step 2: Confronting The Ape

Now you know they’re coming for your ass. There are two ways to proceed: frustrate them and disengage, or overdose in your brave pills and fight them head-on.

If you don’t want any business, start running away. Retreat to a forest or something similar, where there’s plenty of cover for you to hide in (buildings, trees, etc.). Don’t have your opponent see which exact place you’re hiding in, they’ll just follow you and eat you alive. Once you lose them, wait for them to get bored and leave. They might say things in the chat like “You’re a worthless coward,” but do yourself a favor and stay where you are.

Most of the time, RK victims choose to fight instead of withdraw. RK’ers are usually pretty good at PvP and come well-equipped. Use the environment to your advantage, such as luring them around a corner into a peek-a-boom trap, or hiding in a tree to regenerate hp. Your goal is to not die, not kill the killer. Play it smart and attack only when you know that you won’t get punished.

Step 3: Now What?

If you manage to kill the RK’er, congratulations. However, they probably won’t give up and keep coming at you for several times, so even if you win the first fight you still need to keep your guard up. Don’t think “I beat them once, I’ll do it again.” Remember, they’re humans, too. They know how to adapt and change.

If you die, the first thing you should do is to not rage. RK’ers love it when you do that, you’re just gonna feed them more infamy and lose more crowns. It is frustrating and I know the thirst for vengeance is powerful, but the smart thing to do is just let it go and move on. You’ve probably respawned somewhere farther away so use the opportunity and put some distance between you and them.


As an Rker I can give this post my Seal of Approval. :+1: Good Summary!

As an Rker I can confirm that this guide does not work when you pull up on a level 45 with 4 people

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Agreed, unless your Orion or borbanfat, then go ahead!

Rk’ers I met are mostly rich (Aristocrat) pussy that uses the Hi tactic

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You forgot the most important part.
Main roads and towns are death, scout them before going anywhere close.

uh,about that

I dont RK, I mass RK :sunglasses:

But dont worry, it wont be happenin’ next update unless you’re in a guild.

I agree (10 chars)

yeah i got dboinked cause i got mad that i was ganked

cOuldN’t Be mE

You could also hide behind a boss, hide behind a miniboss, lure them to a town, lure them to the MC, or wait for a friend. (RKers generally also do this as well (mainly hiding behind a boss or waiting for a friend).

Another tip for players. Keep your presence to a minimum. Don’t use spells. Don’t make too much noise in general. As mentioned don’t travel on roads unless you’re confident either no one is there or you can take them on. Be observant. Listen for sounds that might be signs of an RKer (Oathkeeper’s move for example, don’t know it’s name). They are praying on that you don’t know they’re there so always expect they are there. Hear bushes shake? Someone went through them. Hear someone jumping? If there are hills around you they could be there.

In summary just be observant and give them nothing to go off of. Aside from my sprints I don’t like to make any noise. I avoid bushes and stuff like that.

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If an RK’er can kill teamers and people in groups, I fear what they can do against someone and a boss. For all we know, they could make the exiled and minotaur HELP them!

I mean you could hide behind the boss, and they hit the boss, then you spam aoe attacks near them.

Plus most rkers need someone to help them.

Or farm lvl 45s or people on low HP. RKers are generally weak in 1v1s.

Are you calling me weak :frcryin: