How To Organize Your Guild & An Explanation Over The Last Few Weeks!

In this topic I will go through things that are helpful to have in your guild.

Why did I make this post?

I made this post to help out guilds organize everything a lot more efficiently, literally only to be a nice guide to help people in setting up or improving their guilds as well as to address the last few weeks in the end!

Alright, first things first I highly recommend guilds to have a verification system & entrance border set in place. (Don’t overcomplicate the guild verification system, keep it simple!)

Bloxlink & The Entrance Border

I highly recommend using Bloxlink as it is easy to set up for your server and you can find out anything you need to know on their site!


Having a role that is auto-assigned upon joining is great as it prevents randoms from raiding your server!


Give Guests a channel to sit in to await further instruction or entrance into the guild and a join request channel where players can ask to join!


Don’t forget your verification channels!


Next up I would like to introduce guild applications, they are a great way to keep things non-cluttered and a second way of recruiting people without needing to put in as much effort!

Guild Application

So here is SunCry’s guild application, it is mainly used to find potential pvpers but anyone can join the guild regardless of ability due to legions which I will be covering next! (You can customize the questions to anything you’d like)

Another quick tip to slip in, asking for their WoM username is handy as you can then organize things even further!

Legions/Divisions. You don’t need them if you’re a small guild with a low amount of players but I personally think they’re great to add to your guild especially if you’re a large one as it builds bonds between people who are interested in the same field of play.


We’ve got Three Legions which definitely helps keep things further organized as we put people into their desired groups, they’re pretty much explained below.

And below is our legion joining channel where we show members the requirements for each legion!

I won’t divulge into any further detail about SunCry’s legions as they are to be kept secret, if you really want to find out more you may as well join us! We forgive & accept anyone! :grin:

Next up I would highly recommend getting reaction-roles as a means to let members choose what they’d like to be pinged for without having to ping everyone every time you want to host a training or an event.

Carl-Bot & The Reactions Channel

A bot I recommend using is shown below, you can find anything you need help with on their site!


Next up is the channel itself, you can click on the role to assign a role to yourself and click it again to unassign a role!

And I really shouldn’t be exposing any legion secrets but I can let one slip out, here is how SunCry is able to rally so many members into a game really quickly (Ignore the name lol) :shushing_face:

I’ve been in so many guild discords and found their suggestion channels to be very unappealing and disorganized and it’s quite easy to fix!

Unbelievaboat, Trusted & Voting's Channel

First of all, you should get the Unbelievaboat for this, and like always any extra info can be found on their site!


SunCry has a democratic system where anyone with the Trusted role gets their own chat and the ability to influence any changes towards SunCry through people’s suggestions!



Keeping your staff team organized is a very good idea, things like sitting down in VC and having a discussion/debate about any concerns brought up is great, and keeping it all on file is even greater!

One thing to keep in mind - The staff shouldn’t just be who you like and who always agree with you, my staff consists of people who disagree with me and other staff and it really helps the guild. Trust me, you want capable people with their own opinions on your team!

Staff Channels, Documents & Videos

First off I will show you the setup I have for my staff channel.


Everything is self-explanatory but I want to visit 6 channels in particular.

  • :briefcase:important-documents
  • :vhs:staff-meetings
  • mod-logs
  • server-logs
  • user-logs
  • :bust_in_silhouette:private

Let us start with important documents, this is where I put every document that is useful to SunCry into.

Secondly, staff meetings are where I post summarised documents and videos of SunCry’s council meetings! The documents consist of questions and answers as well as anything useful/interesting to note.

Finally, I’d like to quickly summarise the remaining text-channels.

  • mod-logs show you punishments & deleted/edited messages. (Unbelievaboat)
  • server-logs show you name/profile picture/role changes. (Unbelievaboat)
  • user-logs show you joins & leaves. (Unbelievaboat)
  • :bust_in_silhouette:private is for personal use, use it for whatever you want like planning announcements or testing out new channel functions.

If you have operations you should put them in their special channel category.


Here they are.


Let us begin with a look into the guild registration channel, this channel is used for the members in our guild’s discord who want to join the ingame guild, it is a good way to get people into the guild if they’re interested.

Secondly, we’ve got our role request channel which keeps everything neat and tidy, we use Mee6 for levels, and depending on your chat level you get roles which let you do things like post images in general chat and force skip the music bot.

Every channel should have a guild trading channel and should be cleared every Monday as trades get outdated.

The next channel we got is the PvE/PVP channel where members can request 1v1’s or boss trackers.

Now, this is up to you, but I find having a channel specifically for guild donations is a great way to keep things organized. Members can donate anything they’d like except for fish or 0 sell value items.

You don’t have to but it is visually appealing to create a pinboard and an important channel category to separate things you deem more important from the rest.

Pinboard Important Channel Categories

Here is what this looks like. As you can see I use the pinboard for channels like useful, roles, and information about the guild as well as the game while I use announcements, rules, and trainings for important information.

I won’t be going too into detail about each of those channels in this section as they are pretty self-explanatory.

Again this is a preference but having a bunch of community chat channels shouldn’t be used and should be kept at a minimum unless those chats are actually used and are useful.

Community Channels

Here we have a minimal setup with your main general chat and media for those who aren’t a high enough level for general image perms. This keeps everything organized and nicely packed in one place.


Having Mee6 levels with rewards really encourages people to be active in the community and even after they get their level and those sweet-sweet image-perms they still involve themselves because it becomes a daily habit and really involves someone into your community as seen below!


Voice chat organization and KDBot, a useful text-to-speech bot!

KDBot & VC Structure

Here we’ve got your typical VC, along with some extras that you can see below.

What I want to show you is using VC during training and how it can potentially look like with some good organization and I will later explore our training methods.

Now let us get to the bot, the bot you should use is the KDBot and boy is it amazing! Now members who don’t have mics can easily engage with the chat and if you actively VC with people who don’t speak it can make the chat more lively with a virtual voice! Again you can find out more if you google “KDBot Discord”. It’s fun I swear lol, plus it makes things organized… :wink:


Let us now discuss training organization!

Training Manual & Trainings

In SunCry the way we organize our trainings is all through VC as our training methods are unique from what I have seen in other guilds.

Let me explain, we know how guilds organize big trainings and rally a bunch of people but at the end of the day, people barely learn anything practically since there are too many people to actually account for and you have to keep every participant engaged and interested. What my council and I noticed is that people only join trainings for the material benefit (crowns & rewards), creating bonds or friendships & actually learning something. With this in mind…

SunCry has developed special methods of training our members.

  • Sending Elite Members as Military Attachés to different legions and assign them as Trainers with their whole mission being to train members 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 as this is way more effective and you have more time to deal with each person.
  • Doing private theory-based training in groups discussing the game mechanics, what builds are good for use, magic clashes and anything anyone has to contribute to the conversation in VC.
  • Gamemode Trainings, our biggest attraction and something our members love very much, these trainings are to encourage teamwork and bond-building. Not only does it train people to work as a team, but it also strengthens bonds and creates long-lasting friendships within our guild which is something we already do with our legion implementations.

On with our manual! Below is the manual screenshot and link myself and a few other Training Leaders use when they plan our trainings. If a new idea is used in a training and there is positive feedback we add it to the manual.

Onto Guild Donation Accounting!


Here is an image of how I account for all our donations received. (This is not for the ingame bank as it contains item donations)

Pretty self-explanatory, moving on!

Now we go into Event Calendars!

Event Calendar

To further organize things, if you tend to frequently host events in your guilds and pre-plan them I highly recommend an event calendar for yourself or the entirety of the guild to view. I’ll be showing you a very old event calendar I’ve used before, both the image and the link to it!

An Infamy & Tax Account, very useful to keep track of things happening ingame!

Infamy & Tax Account

So here we are at our final google document! A great thing to use to keep track of all your infamy gain, very useful might I add and as always it will be an image provided with the link for you to view.



  • If the guild bank ever gets full be sure to empty it using alts!
  • Be sure to host events that can be foolish or fun as it can gain lots of attraction & activity. “SunCry Wedding” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Always put your members ahead of everything, don’t wish to be the best unless your members wish to be the best. Work hard as a guild master and all will go well.
  • Have a good ranking system with many opportunities, be it in Legion or in position ranks. A good ranking system we have is Mage > Senior Mage > Archmage > Council > Guild Master. Structure your ranking system to give members as many opportunities as you can.
  • Be sure to have something for everyone! Don’t forget to be innovative and just go with the flow…


An Explanation

Over the past few weeks, I have dealt with reports of SunCry supposedly exploiting, alt farming & being extremely toxic. I would like to begin with us being called out for exploiting, this has happened once but the reason we weren’t banned is due to the exploiter being reported immediately to a moderator and he was banned from both SunCry and the game with the only penalty being faced was infamy loss. (about 20+)

As for alt farming, we never did. People who claim to have evidence obviously don’t have enough to actually back it up, I’ve already encountered one claim of alt farming and it turned out that my member was only farming an AFK guy and in his defence why would you join a game just to be AFK in it? A smarter move would be to go hide in a really good spot or leave the game and come back to it later to avoid infamy loss.

Now let us talk about toxicity, this I can definitely agree on as I have dealt with my toxic members on numerous occasions even banning them from the guild completely for a month due to that toxicity. I don’t tolerate toxicity in my guild for long and if there’s no sign of improvement for that person they will be removed, this has already happened and another thing to note is that we’ve gone down from almost 100 members to 40+ ingame.

Now that I look back this mainly has to do with what happened before the guild update and once the new update struck things did calm down a lot more and I’ve been seeing people take it more lightly than they originally had, though we do still get a lot of comments.

With this in mind, as the Guild Master of SunCry I ask that if you ever have any concerns over one of my members do not hesitate to DM me. A lot of this slips by and I hear so many reports of my members being toxic but I don’t get proof of them being toxic so therefore I can’t do anything about it.

SunCry isn’t filled with toxic people and you can ask people if there are chill people here. I work with constant determination for my guild and I do what it takes for their enjoyment, I’ve always envisioned a community that anyone can join, contribute and involve themselves in to build long-lasting friendships and to create many memories that we can remember as time flows on.

I have to address the death-threats though, it isn’t fair on me to have to deal with people getting overly-mad because of a video-game. I understand your frustration but taking it all out on me and going as far as threatening to find and murder me for something out of my control is what really worries me.

I find myself to be a very forgiving person if the other person agrees to forgive me too. I would like to build upon my vision of SunCry’s community and make it a place anyone can join. It isn’t that hard and you can always DM me.

Anyways, with the organization tips covered and the past comments addressed I hope you guys find my post to be really helpful and I also hope it improves the way your guild works as that is all I’d like to do for everyone at the end of the day.

Have fun gankin’ guilds out there and if you have any questions or you’d like me to add anything to this forum post I’d be glad to do so! :mariomug::+1:


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Spent a good deal of time reading this with Jason and helping him with corrections etc.
We do not agree on all the things, but when we agree, we usually hammer out a good enough thing out of it in the end.
I am proud to be a Councillor in SunCry, with all the rest of talented and well-mannered people we got. This is our long-awaited message of goodwill to the rest of the community, so let’s see how it goes :smile:


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I can say that this holds up a whole lot. There’s hardly any of our members that give toxic stuff to other players (especially me). Hopefully we as a community for World of Magic can hold ourselves to be very positive to each and every member of it.


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