How to trade!

Now this game is quite dead. But here are some trading tips.
(This is not [💎] Guide to Market and Item Values - #14 by Archenhailor )

1st tip, Always try to get them to say what they want. If they want something that’s above your budget, (Only if it’s not worth it, don’t say something is worth it when it’s not) be polite and say “Sorry thats not worth it, is there anything else you’d like?” Now if there isn’t, I suggest you start offering. Lowball though.

2nd tip, Don’t be an ass, this will turn them off towards them trading to you.

3rd tip, when starting to trade ingame, offer for the item you want, but lowball. If they decline, first of all, they can no longer ignore you. Second ask them what they’d like.

4th tip, When trying to get a rare item like a sunken sword or headless head, act unsure about something, even if you’re getting alot of value. This can make them think they are gaining value, which in turn will make them more sure in accepting your offer.

5th tip, Your first offer to noob traders should always be crowns, don’t try this on rich traders or you’ll just look like a dick :man_shrugging:

6th tip, If a trade isn’t worth it, don’t say it is. Nobody likes scammers. Let them decide if they think it’s worth it or not.

7th tip, This is the most important one LEARN VALUES! I have another post, link below. I suggest you click the link, since the embed is a lil confusing

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pro tip: abandon wom


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