How valuable do you think the fourth of july stuff will become?

The title says it all. I have been stocking up on the 4th of July stuff because I think they will become valuable in the future, or I could give them away in competitions. But how valuable do you think they will become in a year or two.


Seasonal items increase in raw value by 1.1x per month.

It’s essentially a stock that is certain to raise in price, making it extremely valuable in my opinion. That’s like being irl and knowing how Apple’s stock will change over time. That’s absurdly powerful, and people who save up on the items will be pretty darn rich. Honestly, I think he should’ve limited the items to just being on July 4th, cause I can see how it might affect the trading community. Basically, it could cause inflation. Vetex has done a really good job at managing the value of Crowns, but I think extending the limited items past July 4th was a bad move. Let’s consider the long-term ramifications of the July 4th items…

The base price is 100 Crowns. Here’s the equation for the price in “x” months:

Price = 100 + 10x (x represents months since July 2020)…

Suppose I had only 1 American Cap. A year later, that cap is worth 220 Crowns. Ok, that’s pretty good. I can sell that to help out with enchanting stuff or for big trades. However, assume that you have saved 5-10 of each item.

5 American Caps -> 1100 Crowns (600 Crown profit)
10 American Caps (or 5 American Caps and 5 American Sunglasses) -> 2200 Crowns (1200 Crown profit)

If you save limited items now, you will earn a 120 Crown profit PER item in a year’s time. And that will become much much higher in another year or two years. Assuming the game stops updating in like 3 years, you’ll likely have many saved Seasonal Items that will give you alot of bucks so that you don’t have to really do much late-game. You can just keep them until they become gold.

I do think the value increase should be a higher rate than 1.1.
Maybe 1.15 or 1.2?
It dunno, I think in 3 years time the original 4th of july 2020 items will be EXTREMELY rare.
Which might justify an even higher value multiplier tbh.

It’s 100*(1.1)^x thoe

I’m pretty sure people will be looking to grab these items for thousands or tens of thousands of crowns in 2 years, which is kinda wack considering their low value growth rates

NPCs might want to pay you a couple thousand crowns in two years but I seriously doubt anyone sane would actually want one of those.

What if they are trying to do an america man cosplay or something?
maybe they are a collector and want to own these incredibly rare items?

You gotta understand that more and more of them are going to disappear from the trading market permanently every day after they stop being obtainable, which will turn them into extremely high-value items given a year or so.

I would like to point out that their sell values to npcs are 25 crowns. That was when I checked on July 5th and possibly could have changed.


Yes, the sell value to npcs are 25 crowns–If the value is 10 percent from 25, it will take a few months to gain profit from the bought value of 100.

Well there are collectors

I’m pretty sure items only sell for 1/4th of their ingame worth to NPCs, which means that you wouldn’t start to make a profit off of them until after about a year. However, these items may become more valuable to other players after some time, but I’m not stocking up on these too much because there are already a ton of sunglasses and hats in circulation, so I don’t think it’s that they’ll be the super rare collector’s items everybody is hoping they’ll be.

in 3 years it’ll cost 3090. in 5 years, It’ll cost 30448. do you see where this is going? given enough time to get the ball rolling, it’s going to fucking skyrocket. I estimate the first few years it won’t be worth too much since everyone’s stocking up on them, but given enough time, they’ll become invaluable even if you don’t account player demand. now, accounting player demand… I assume there won’t be much the first year or 2, and if there will be, the price will be nice but nothing too outrageous. It’s later when shit goes haywire. Roughly every 2 years the value increases by 10 times.


ive been stocking on the sunglasses those will be nearly inf demand in 2-3 years, but a baseball cap… idk

I don’t count collectors and America dude cosplayers into the “sane” category.
Jokes aside, crowns are not hard to get anyway, and I prefer getting gear on my own. You are welcome to stockpile all you want, although with this shopping craze they may not be that scarce.

I dont think you understand how the multiplier works, it only multiplies by the base value and not the new value gained like how you think it is, after 5 years it will only be worth 700 crowns, this is because it gains 0.1x its base value every month,
base value = 100
100 * 0.1 = 10 (Calculating Multiplier)
5 * 12 = 60 (Calculating Number Of Months In 5 Years)
60 * 10 = 600 + 100 = 700 crowns after 5 years or 60 months
Furthermore, this is only its Inventory value, selling to a shopkeeper yields 1/4 of this price, meaning in reality you are only selling for 175 crowns, yielding a profit of 75 crowns after waiting a whole 5 years

That cleared up some things for me, thanks

It should be changed to of current value rather than starter value.

Even if it is current value it would be way slower of a growth than player demand.

People are stocking up on hundreds now, but the number of them entering the economy will completely halt and from there the trade value will go up and up and up. Assuming the game lives 5 years, they will be some of the hardest to obtain versions of any item in the whole game, rivaled only by stuff like open test torches and arrows.

And over time the number available to purchase will go down too, as people collect them and don’t resell, get banned with them in their inventories, stop playing, and so on.


lets assume that they dont come back after this event is finished. prices would vary depending on how long it has been since the end of the event