How was your day?

Mine was nice, ate some ice cream and chilled

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It was fine, i guess. I pulled an all-nighter so that I could eat breakfast at 7 am, then slept til 4 pm, and now i’m at work til midnight. Eating breakfast is probably the most productive thing I’ve done in weeks, exams have my living schedule all over the place rn.


I had to read a book so genuinely awful and poorly constructed for honors english I’m kinda shocked and disappointed atm


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it is 11:47 pm and i am gaming (not literally sadly)
i had school or something
we did sprint
i got 2nd place in my group on the 100 meter yaaaaay
then i finished all my summatives in preparation for finals
now i can work on youtube video without worrying about assignments
homework is tiring

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whats the book

it was ight i guess, nothing out of the ordinary happened and overall just a normal day for me

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I was playing Ori and the Blind Forest a second time (original version because the achievements don’t carry over and card drops don’t appear in definitive). It was fun and kinda stressful with the sorrow pass section. Cool day

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I’m alright, just chilling. Went to the ER recently to take an IV, but I’m fine, in minimal pain if any, so no need to be concerned.

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I’m doing good, coasting through the last couple of days before winter break. Not much homework but like 5 tests so idk

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I’m sick so i missed an important exam :sob:

last week was so horrible that i dont want to talk about it
but yesterday and today was and is going pretty well so far

The house on mango street :skull:

author is so bad they don’t even use quotation marks to indicate dialogue

I played a 45 minute D&D session with my friends this morning, also ate a breakfast burrito from Santiago’s

remember the days when we had dnd sessions in private dms lol

Get discord. It would be easier

Got level 30 in Splatoon 3 yesterday (:

i managed to not fail math for the second time this year, so good ig

I got first place on a physics kahoot

never read it
but the non quotation things isnt very rare and not a sign that the author is bad, its there to put on emphasis on the mood and tone

no, like, there are literally NO quotation marks anywhere in the story.

is that normal??