How will AO’s story be?

So Vetex has said that AO will mainly focus on the story, so how do you people reckon AO’s story will be? Do you think it’ll be good or bad or in between?

I think it’ll be pretty good. People liked Arcane Adventure’s story/lore, and Vetex wrote that when he was like 16. AO’s gameplay is better in every way so I expect the story to be better too. My expectations aren’t crazy high, but I’m looking forward to it

very mid like come on its a game on roblox and its only a single person working on this game, i don’t find it plausible that the cutscenes would be anything great or interactive nor them being frequent, and would be really hard to convey much emotion in roblox characters aswell so

i also doubt that the story will go different directions, it’d be very ambitious for it to be not straightforward. idrc about AO’s story as its probably not gonna interest me at all, though i suppose it may be a nice addition to the game who knows

Hopefully nobody tries asking for a flirting option for characters like Iris

iris clapped anyway whod wanna flirt with that :skull_and_crossbones:

Many many weirdos

slowly raises hand

*sees digital glorified lego woman
*goes absolutely apeshit

they better make it where the deadly infection known as “shit idiot brain fungus” threatens to take away the dignity and magic of all of the war seas, and turn everyone into mindless drooling twitter users.

it’s up to us, the chad gamers, for when postgame arrives, to obtain legendary new lost magics, such as:

soap magic
grass magic
and testosterone magic

to stop the infection and fight the evil catboy and catgirl syndicate thats causing the spread of the shit idiot brain fungus from spreading even MORE, and turning everything into a black hole of online degeneracy.

It wouldn’t be the first time I grew to like a character named Iris

can we have a Morden flirt option or no

God i wish

aw i always wanted to have a relationship with Donald Morden from Metal Slug

this is the best lore idea ngl

yes sandal I agree


I can’t stop laughing help

oh no sandal he can’t stop aaa!

I will neither confirm nor deny there is a Morden flirt option

the story takes place in a way different area so we only have past lore pieces that extended worldwide to work with
but there is entirely new characters and areas so the only thing we can work with is overtime story writing experience

considering a good amount of years has passed, probably somewhat good or average?