How will Death Magic (Primordial Magic) work?

:x: Death Magic - Only has forbidden and cursed skill types.

That’s all the info we get? Forbidden and cursed skill types? I need more information. Would Death Magic be very powerful, but take some of your health? This is a more obvious question, but I am curious about what you guys think

yes, I’ve made a lot of these questions

a very illegal magic that provably down you reputation,give insanity,transform you member on magic,explode you on death, and the most cursed and forbidden skill
summon wom rule 34 book to reject humanity


transform you member on magic?

he meant limbs

Death magic is what @Burgr is pursuing in their narcissistic quest for power.

actually ye death magic sound pretty cool :ok_hand:

but death magic not for me

yes exatly what i was trying to talk

I think Promethean fire gives you like max insanity

Why do you think that?

ehh idk it’s very strong

nice cant wait to see half the community get flashbanged every 2 minutes

Not half the community i bet only like 5 people will have Promethean fire knowing how rare it is

Well from all I know, death magic gives you insanity and gives you bad blood with the MC. Meaning, it probably has better skills.

It diagnoses you with dead

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So anyways, irony aside, I would imagine death magic being a very high damaging magic that is extremely slow and possibly small in size. However, that seems a bit unimaginative. Maybe it’s like a crystal thing, only being more akin to a countdown or something, a weird death curse of sorts that takes away a good chunk of your health. Hell, maybe the effect could lessen your max HP for a period of time, and possibly take away your abilities to regenerate for a bit, corrupting your body as it slowly withers you away.

We already know that Darkness is going to possess the Wither status effect, so it’s a bit hard to say what Death magic will have in its arsenal. Personally, I believe that Death will have the single highest base damage out of any magic in the game, hands down. Maybe Sacrifice would deal more, but I feel like Death… you know, the opposite of living… should probably hurt a whole lot when it hits you. I’m really lost on trying to think of a status effect, though.

I still stand by what I say, I feel like it’ll probably have an effect that will shave away pieces of your max health and stop regeneration to keep with the theme of death, but your suggestion, while honestly would be kind of disappointing, would fit really well with the “haha living is for losers” theme of this magic.

You shot edginess at people and they die from cringe