How would you make the Epicenter better?

Rn, the Epicenter is very boring, so…
Title of the topic

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you will have to fight shadow figures that will appear around you because of insanity,
and you also gonna have to fight your demons in your head

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Be able to get a limited amount of dark sea essentia from the centre lake, considering this soup is the core of the dark sea.
Jumping into said lake would also give some dangerous status effect like acute magic poisoning (like acute radiation poisoning). It would be livable for long enough to get some essentia, but enough to keep people from swimming in the death soup.
Firing a blast spell into the soup makes it glow your magic’s colour temporarily idk


Hear me out. When you are near max level if you go to the epicenter there will be a piece of Durza’s soul in a boss fight. You fight Durza. I want to harm Durza.

he should be level 3000 raidboss

Siren Queen boss. I have already cooked this btw, got an idea from one of Epicenter badge topics

add a hat you find lying around

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add shipwrecks that are near the island, remnants of other explorers who presumably arrived here, and never made it back to the warseas…

there could even be loot onboard the wrecks


I don’t think many people have found the epicenter lorewise, having it be completely and utterly abandoned with no signs of humans having ever been there (on the outside) would be cool

why you always gotta disagree with me

anyways, just make it where there could be like 1 boat with a journal in it

may someone thought this was mimhere island by mistake idk

free 100% prom acrimony but it only applies to 1 player only once an hour or something (no alt farms possible), then I’ll have an actual reason to go aside from the badge and title.

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At the very least have a ton of dark sealed chests there so once you find it you’re completely set to go home. That or an acrimony are the best things I can think of that would require the least amount of effort.

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I forgot most of the lore about the Epicenter, but im going to stick with it being a piece of Theos’ hometown.

The Epicenter will serve as a reminder of the past, due to immense chaotic and insanity energy levels the Epicenter will produce mirage structures of what was originally the hometown of Theos’ and you can interact with it as if it was real.

They’ll obviously contain loot and stuff, you can also interact with people who died there as spirits, they will have names and dialogue options if Vetex wants to expand on it more.

The atmosphere would also change around when inside the Epicenter’s illusion such as the sky being normally sunny but awfully blurry, the ocean around it will not move an inch yada yada. The soundtrack would also change instead of the ordinary DS theme, maybe something that makes you feel uneasy yet at peace.

Oh, but this most likely damages the lore about insanity so yeah I guess it’s just food for thought.


Im pretty sure the Epicenter is the random ass mountain that Durza blasted with his ultimate attack in the fight against theos

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Because it is

lil bro missed a shot and since he was an aoe demon he wiped out 80% of people

If we are in Greece, that mean Theos lived relatively near greece and therefor olympus. What mountain is relatively near Greece, and was known for a catastrophic eruption. Could Oberon is Pompeii? Maybe. The blast plus hitting that mountain could have caused the continents to shatter.

I am probably looking way to deep into this.

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Same as with starlight, yeah. Had same idea

I’ve had an idea for a bit that pools of essence would very rarely generate at insanity 3. That would form into an enemy that leaves behind a puddle that can be collected with a bottle when killed

This basically incorporates a bunch of these ideas into one

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Imagine “Durza Essence” Item in the Epicenter’s pool