I am kinda new but got insanely lucky so please tell me which of these 3 builds is best


rate out of 10 each please. i am a jugg with 120 vitality so hp ain’t a big deal.

Do u mind sharing the armour for the builds

Personally I like the first one seems the most evenly distributed

Well it’s a secret between me and my friend, but I will tell you about the items not specifics. Sorry can’t betray our duo. So chest piece is either sw or calvus(tbh calvus is preferred). Boots are s iron on all 3 build. amulet fair(modified?). Calvus crown and cape or try theurgist and atlantean . Gems used are candelria and malchenite. The rest cannot be disclosed. From the 2 insanity u can guess it has 1 or 2 atlanteam essence. Build is pretty easy but took bout max 10 hrs, 1 sunken is needed(hard part).

not really a fan of any of these builds, having 657 defense means you are asking to be at a disadvantage (100 attack speed ensures you will be punished for using moves). i’d personally swap some power for defense, and some size for speed

that being said the best choice of these three builds would be build 2, for the less insanity

but wait i have 120 vitality so i have a lot of extra hp? wouldn’t power mean less time to kill? i need the attk size cuz uhm I am laggy and have lower tiers as jug. so would this be better?

882 ep ??? Bro what are you wearing theos gauntlet?


Why is ur build have so much ep???

can you handle the insanity 2 illusions and effects? if so, the first build is definitely the best for sure

Insanity 2 illusions are nothing at all (Insanity 3 user here)

What fs do u use?

Tbh u can get about 1000 ep points if done right but would result in a rather trash build and the fs i use is ileg sailor is not consistent enough.

last one is probably the best imo

from my expierence most vitality builds seem to benefit more from a rushdown playstyle due to the built in drawback, maybe warden with their absurd hp will be different but we dont know yet

oh i didnt know you had vitality lol, then in that case yeah you don’t really need that much defense. thats a good build for jugg honestly, i might even take some speed and transfer it to agil now that i know ur jugg

Does ep go up if your a juggernaught?

I thought bro was using hiddengear

Nope just gear, vitality gives more hp but doesn’t count for ep if it did it will be 1 k.

This is pretty close. I couldn’t figure out how you got those exact stats though

Heres something close, for 882 EP just add another atlantean modifier

Wait so calvus pieces are whatz making it so efficient?

Cuz everything else is expected but i didnt know valvus pieces were so high in ep

Actually no, the calvuz gear has the lowest EP of the build. Whats making it efficient is the sunken and hasty bc they have the highest EP

O i didnt know that the hasty change went thru? I thought vetex just never got to it