I Creating picture to my guild

Soo , its my last post this night , i going to creat a clan for world of magic / arcane odyssey for a type of peoples , i start do much arts types and variations on 3:00 pm and i still gona do some more tomorrow , its nothing much i just saying i gona creat a guild , and i thinkg is going much cool , i don’t care if no one gona join , but i loved my ideias and i gona do more somethings , good night everyone


Good luck on making a logo for your guild. If I ever made an actual guild I’d probably just hire an artist here or a person from fiverr to do it. I cannot draw or design crap well at all. Good luck to ya :nod:

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as somebody who owns a guild with a shit logo, i wish you luck

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Good luck

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A simple click on his profile reveals that he’s not exactly from an English speaking country :woman_facepalming:

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One google search would let him find out google translate exists.

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That’s stupid, half the things that the forum says (forum slang, word shortenings & abbreviations, ect.) are probably extremely poorly translated by Google Translate, plus Google Translate always messes up things. You could be 40 and sound like a toddler if you’re going off Google Translate

You mean to tell me google translate can fuck up this bad?
I know it’s not the best translator but for fucks sake

Due to the fact that google translate does not interpret slang or more “modern” terminology for describing stuff from any language into their own translator, and only use words directly given from a dictionary to translate, yes, there is a massive chance google translate can fuck up that bad. (I was going to give an example of how my French homework, but it didn’t seem very practical)

Oh, it’s this guy. I can see that he would misunderstand people going over google translate but the spelling is a bit atrocious

He’s either very underaged or he’s just not good with english

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As you’re unaware of what was stated there, I’d happily “translate” it for you.

So, this is my last post tonight, I am going to create a clan for World of Magic/Arcane Odyssey for a certain type of individuals, I’m also going to start illustrating types and variations for a guild logo at 3pm, and I’m also going to do some tomorrow, It’s nothing much, I’m just saying I’m going to create a guild. and I think it’s going to be very cool, I don’t really care if nobody is going to join, but I love my ideas and I’m going to do something with them, good night everyone.

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