I did not know that

I found this on the World of Magic wiki and I didn’t know it, it changes a lot of things.
'You may mix and match awakenings. For example, you may have your first awakening as a Conjurer build and have your second as a Savant."

I don’t think that’s confirmed yet

If it is true that opens so many new possibilities

No its not, this myth exist due to lack-of-information that wiki had at time of creating a page. Now if you changes your build, you’ll have awakenings of its builds.

i think this means you can have different awakenings

WoM Wiki kinda dumb tho ngl :skull:

This is the source of wiki’s missinformation. Tho we dont know if its true or not

It will be, untill AO releases

it’s vetex himself saying it in the screenshot

No, he’s saying you can reset your Awakenings and do both of another build, while on the wiki it said you could do one if each build.

From a year and a half ago, things change and it hasn’t been confirmed yet


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i guess it would make sense if you could awaken in different builds if you just add to a build (like if you put points into magic at first, causing your first awakening to be mage, but then added so much hp that you turned paladin instead without resetting) then maybe you could mix and match builds?? i think that just makes it overly complicated though and would create some weird meta so it would be better to only awaken in 1 route

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I think so too

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some builds also just increase stats but allow you to still choose a second magic, which would be odd because you’d end up with higher stats if you stayed savant/any other class that boosts magic power then went mage. You’d get a second magic and a boost in magic power at the cost of a couple stats

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People saying it’s not confirmed is retarded, it’s been confirmed by vetex himself

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That’s not what he said at all

Although that is also true, that is not mutually exclusive, you can mix and match awakenings

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Bruh, some well know people in commuinty says that we wont be able to mix awakenings, other say that we wont.
We need vetex himself to answer our question

yeah i don’t think anybody really knows what they’re talking about…

i think it adds more customisability, and it’s always nice to have that. it would let people really specialise into certain builds they want