I hate that one sailors lodge npc

Leviathan should be a powerful storm wizard who turns into giant sea serpent at second stage of fight, similar to captain maria. She will move quicker with larger but slow attacks with high damage. She will also have much more health and resistance in this state but after easily punishing her multiple times she eventually is defeated

Does not explicitly imply she’ll be Kraken but w/e

Hey, atleast we are getting an actual Kraken now

I don’t really understand what lunar even is as a magic

am I attacking people with tiny moons?

It’s like water magic but cooler

that sounds… kinda ugly…

(and really confusing. is it water or not???)

I assume it was made to resemble water due the whole “the moons gravitational pull affects the currents” thing

what an oddly specific magic

like, actually kinda weird asf

I guess it sounds a little intriguing though, not sure how deep blue looks with bright white glowiness though

(are there any possible reference images y’all could show me as to what lunar might resemble? I’m a bit curious now)

top 10 ships in the Arcane fandom:

  1. Vetex and iframes

To be fair its just been the kraken and maria.

Not even Theos got iframes for his big windup attack in AA that didn’t really do that much damage.

Exiled and Mino having iframes during their long wind up attacks:
Exiled who can randomly activate his iframes:

oh yea those two I mostly forgot they ever existed.
they weren’t really memorable characters lol.

hop off my goats

they were only memorable because we were stuck with them (and only them) for like 3 years straight.

I can’t believe I missed this when first reading that Trello card

I can’t wait to see storm magic, I always imagine it’s a dark grey cloud w/ blue electricity particles

hallbjorn might only spawn on foggy days considering he’s been only seen on those by the redwake people, so finally some use for the most hated feature in the game… Wait does that mean if i throw a tier 5 clearsight pot in the ocean he instantly dies?

I’m not sure that will be the case necessarily, we know that the fleet, likely ghost ships, are seen kn the fog, but Hallbjorn probably doesn’t have a ship curse that lets him transform into ships and ghost ships at will

idk it literally says he is seen on particulary foggy days

guys meng ozun should be a secret boss that only positive reputation people can fight and if we defeat him he gives us sinfeya

so coolcoolcoolcoolcool