I have a question for you, Vetex: How is "Vetex" pronounced?

So I was just asking myself what to post to try and distract myself from the inevitable VL (Virtual Learning) and procrastinate as much as I can until I have so much work THAT I HAVE TO GET IT DONE AND I CAN’T FOCUS ON SCHOOLWORK I’M WAITING FOR OCTOBER 19TH SO WE CAN GO BACK TO SCHOOL FULL TIME (four days a week) AND THEN I’LL BE ABLE TO FOCUS PLEASE HELP ME and then I remembered that one of my friends “corrected” me when I had said “Vetex” and they said that it is pronounced Veh-tex. I was like “Bruh, nO??? What are you on??” I told him that it is pronounced, V-tex but he disagreed. I think someone once even said it was pronounced Vertex in Vetex’s Games Discord server? Big no.

So, my question for YOU, Vetex, is your username (Vetex) pronounced as V-Tex, Veh-tex, or Vertex?
  • V-Tex
  • Veh-tex
  • Vertex? BIG NO!!

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Omg, it’s NOT Veh-Tex


cant you just let people say how they spell our lord’s name instead of trying to stop them

Fine, I’ll see what Vetex votes for


(jkjk, it’s how you wanna say it)

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So nostalgic…

they say his name

veh tix? lol

istg if i see another fucking vetex post that shows out the inner delay and low iq of the WoM community’s mind ima shit on someone.

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why does this exist

hi dablue!!!

Because I MUST know the answer from @ Vetex himself. If you could, ya know, tell Vetex about this post, @Meta or @DaBluerebellz, I’ll give a :cookie:

why r we doing this

bro istg shut up


Crap, I accidentally put Veh-tex.

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