I have a rising suspicion that Roblox's "Moderators" are bots

People keep getting banned for saying “Gay” or saying “Don’t bully them” or something that doesn’t even make sense. A while ago I was warned for saying “[Name of bitchy ctrl c + ctrl v player] is autistic”.

Roblox moderation is too fucking dumb to be real people, let’s face it.

Roblox gets bypassed a lot, I remember playing Surf when someone showed us decals of anime furry qorn in chat. Yeah, Roblox is seriously down for the count with bypassers.

Every so often, you see cases of people getting banned for stupid things, and we even see some “special” bypassed songs. Anyone remember the audio titled “Bruh sound” last year? It got deleted but damn we had fun blasting that in MM2 servers.

So anyways, this is an ongoing problem, banning the good and bypassing the bad. Roblox, pay more people to work and be fair or get better employees.

Also glue eater faces which are either blushing from being high or something else

That’s why I made this post.

I’ve seen the ranked lobbies in aba and I’m 100% sure your right

Roblox moderation is more of a joke than anything, seriously.

Pretty much. In aba ranked lobbies I see at least 3 people staying shit they shouldn’t lol

My brother got banned for 1 day for saying the word “die”. I’m not joking.

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Honestly the only reason why I haven’t gotten banned once on my account for saying anything is probably because I never even use robloxs chat feature

The funniest part about bypass audios was definitely the “Bruh sound” if you know what it was. If you don’t, I can explain.


It was a bass booted audio of a girl moaning, loud as fuck so nobody could miss out on the song.

That’s the only thing I’d consider earrape.

Further proves how much of a joke Roblox’s moderation is lmao

She was basically screaming “Huh, he haw, he uh, he ah ah” Funny as hell if you played it and watched everybody scream at you in chat LMAO

Honestly I have very mixed feelings about having a boom box game pass mostly because people play shit like this lol

But uh, the surf experience I had was plain concerning, not funny. And maybe a little “hard” to watch.

they were always bots

I found a video of someone playing the song. (Skip to 0:40)

Volume warning, obviously.

We mean the people who ban and warn most players. People are getting terminated for saying gay.

I had my volume up way too much lmao

That’s why we had to put a volume warning on the video :grimacing:

That “song” is annoying asf and it was so funny to hear people in MM2 lobbies begging for it to turn off

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