I joined the best guild in wom

Hello, I am here to inform you that I am now an official member of the best pvp guild in wom, and the to be best pvp guild in ao.

I had fun in a few guilds in the past. But this new guild is extremely serious and only the strong people are allowed in it so I think I found my place

The people in this guild are kind, smart and your IQ must be above 150 to join, the leader has 174 and he tested me and I passed it.

As I told you the leader has 174, and it is the best pvp guild, no, not creed, they are bad, I joined

“The ruins of arena”

I am a “CO LEADRE” in this guild (the image says admin but I was recently promoted)

Here is the (beautifully cropped) and best logo in the game

As it says, only strong people can join thsi guild

And yes it’s owned by tigerbaby, the 174 IQ man. And the best person at pvp in the game.

(This is not a joke, so shit up)


tigerbaby123414 is gonna be the person that’ll win the tournament, such a powerful man :frcryin:


He will get the pvp warlord title

tigerbaby is unbeatable in pvp bruh



tigerbaby so good omg omg omg omg omg

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Omg such pro tigerbaby

tigerbaby just joined cc so thats means that cc is the best guild in world fomg ainc

oh shit tigerbaby, imagine me beating the pvp warlord which I did like 102 times :troll:

Er, why did you sign up on the forums?
just to delete a message :troll:
tip: just to not get in trouble

bro you’re bad unless you’ve beaten taru which I know you never did B)

tigerbaby supremacy

the ruins of arena winnin’ all other guilds losing

I don’t even know when Taru is online :fr:

sounds like skill issue to me

I officially declare war.
BloodDarkNightPowerfullDemonsknights will beat your guild :100:

He doesn’t really play anymore :frcryin:

hi guys its me

i do come always

I was talking about Taru/Vlad/Luc

oh k