I just realized something

warren is an english name
warren comes from azura
azura might be an english or british place, which would support the theory that warren is lord lancelot because of their shared blue fire and because lancelot is a character from english mythology


“Where’s Lord Lancelot? I have to warn him about Agravain…”
“Last thing I remember from my life… Lord Lancelot… and those raging, searing blue flames… I can almost feel them still…”

We don’t know for sure when exactly will azura province be added. But somewhy I think we will get the info much sooner.

British Odyssey and World of England

Zeus save the king!

Warren is going to get jumped by a bunch of people with devourer knives

Nah, I guess only devourer firearms can be effective there

Imagine how ineffective those would be
You kill them but now you have to go find the bullet in order to get the curse

In that case, we might see mentions of the Arthurian Legend, but with a twist i assume.

Why should we kill them with bullets? We can forge bullets from the same metal used in handcuffs that suppress magic energy, shoot someone with them, and when they are almost dead you stab them with a devourer dagger that is attached to the firearm like a bayonet.

you have 2 options
either Azura is canonically France
or Azura is canonically British
I don’t know which is worse

Or you know, it’s just that his parents were from either of those countries and decided to live somewhere else
or they copied it from someone else

If its british we get Arcane Macbeth

im guessing british since npcs in the dark sea talk about both blue fire and british people in the same sentence, so…

what if

Its constantly raining and everyone is too miserable to do anything including the villians, so nothing happens

also you can only invest in weapons and the only weapons available are daggers

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I just realised…

The whole Dark Sea…


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The tornados?

Just good ol’ Storm Emma

The Lightning?

Eh, that’s just the powerlines

The Giant Waves?

Man you must be near Cornwall

The Sharks?

Ay thats just a shank fish

The Islands?

Must be the Isle of Man

The Crazy Mutated Atlanteans and Sirens?

Thats just the Chavs and their birds


This logically means nimbus sea is france

Would that also mean that we would have Napoleon in Arcane Odyssey!?

Who knows.

Is france known for having sand and racists?