I made Wide Putin but in WoM and I don't know if I should be ashamed or proud (disclaimer - it's not actually putin)

Here it is, boys. Feast your eyes upon w i d e man.

Funnily enough, on my second creation of wider putin, I only got copyright claimed for the first 22 seconds of the video. I assume, this is because after 22 seconds, it became too bass boosted for youtube’s bots to recognize as music.


wow that’s actually funny, you should be proud.

WoM update soon, be HYPED!!!

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…hand me the eye bleach.

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make Putin in WoM then make him wide


Eye bleach ain’t enough i’m plucking my eyes out.

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Wow, that’s very nice lol

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Meh, could be w i d e r


5/10 could be more W I D E and more longer

you fucken asked for it, I’ll do it. I’ll make EXTRA WIDE putin. I’LL FUKEN DO IT

make him even W I D E R

ok so while i was trying to enlarge him even more, my fucking video editor crashed from the size of him. welp, now I can go make my character look like putin, i guess

we wide putinWalk

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are you happy now. is he W I D E enough for you now.
I tried my best to make Putin, but the hair technology just isn’t there yet.


10/10 the ultimate invention of humanity

i can’t actually make him any wider while keeping him in frame, im using shitty free editing stuff :frcryin:

also this


That’s weird, @anon50359812 did you get it too? Or is it just Pedro. It should have loaded by now.

i didnt get the error
its working fine for me

no it’s fixed, my extension was blocking it