I make tierlist rate it

I know ink is literally water but black tho i dont like it and i feel its a dumb magic

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i got tierlist from here :

This is actually the worst tier list I have seen. The only correct bit is D and it’s still missing some. Shadow is in C tier? Fire is S? Plasma in A!? Bro you need to set you head straight

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its by how i like them not how good they are

people say light sucks but i think its great

Ok but that’s something you should say. Otherwise I would have said nothing.

This is more accurate in my opinion (and it is always right)


Lightning is only good in rain, else it’s just an average magic. If you want to consider rain then Ice should be moved up.

I have not played WoM in a bit, so all my info came from stalking Forums. And i just remember lightning guy did a quarter of my health with 1 shot in rain.

ooh naw no way glass is B tier while water is S tier

bc water looks good (atleast better)

wdym glass looks sexy as hell

Why do people still think gold is good even after it got nerfed lol

still the tankiest magic

Gold is ass

never said its good tho i like it bc well funny damage

Your tierlist says otherwise, but fair reason.

it doesnt


Well it still has bias in pvp abilities, I have no evidence of this, but trust me bro I’m a professional plumber.

But wait golds damage alone can bring it up to A tier?? Nothing else is good about gold its visually ugly and its sfx aren’t great either