I Need ROBLOX Game Recommendations

could just get the pc port for mario 64

decenders (bike racing game)


I shift from game to game depending on my mood.

Shooter Stuff I like to Play.

Take and Hold - Roblox

Anomalous Activities: Equinox Directive - Roblox


Take and Hold - Roblox
Somehow nobody mentioned this but mentioned DvNoobs

Merc Fleet - Roblox

Card gaming when i feel like it (besides ygo).

enscrypted - Roblox

Kaijuro Cards - Roblox

Advanta Card Game - Roblox
There was some other game similar to this one but not card game, same guy, just join the discord i guess (it’s dead as hell last time i checked))

Other Stuff

Defenders Of Roblox! - Roblox
somehow still works, yay

Rogue Nightmare - Roblox

🩸SylByte [Bullet Hell] - Roblox

Flee the Facility - Roblox

AI War- Red vs. Blue - Roblox

Fantastic Frontier - Roblox

And some honorable mention because the game is discontinued and somebody else is reworking on it as an entirely different game but i’m sure you’ve probably heard of it,
Verdant Moon - Roblox

Was gonna leave a short description for each game, but then i got tired of that. Just read the description :sob:

Ovagames is my favorite piracy website but be careful to not go on a fake one

Entry Point + Interceptor and Operators when available
Decaying winter


I don’t play any roblox games other than AO, because roblox sucks. Go play minesweeper or cube cavern v6 idk
roblox com/games/7871169780/bLockermans-Minesweeper
roblox com/games/12788578687/Stasis-Alpha


ive heard abt this game called arcane odyssey its alright ig

Another good one is called Titan Warfare or something. Very fast paced aot team fight game to get sweaty on lol.

There was this cool game back in 2017 that Roblox did a review on and it costed robux to play I wonder how the game is holding up now :thinking:

Crazy Stairs, its a game I find to be personally memorable for some reason.

Super Check Point is fun, but the dev chooses to add random things instead of more content for some reason, so it doesn’t have a lot of staying power outside of needless GAMBLING! (probably from the pets and lucky blocks idk)

Stars Align, a game made by ex-devs of Adventure Forward 2 (Yes I know about the dev) finally got an engine demo. It’s fairly fun but also fairly brief. I’m a bit dissapointed in the platforming physics, though it’s still fun for an afternoon.

Also speaking of the adventure forward series, there are preserved copies of both games that you can find. If those games weren’t your childhood (ironic statement considering the dev), then you can give them a shot. Also a preserved copy of Super Paper Roblox exists.

Both of these games are questionable as “games” or anything you’d actually have fun with, but they’re certainly memorable. MIND MURDER PLACE and SUNDOWNER are basically walking simulators, and you probably need quite the attention span to enjoy them at all. The former is an art game of sorts while the latter is a rare badge collection game with similarities to story or “ending collection” games.

tbradm has three old puzzle games on his profile, those being Tilty Tokens, Wobbly Towers, and Parking Panic. They’re pretty good for a Roblox game and are okay in comparison to (indie) puzzle games.

(Edit: I also liked a few posts which contain at least one game that I’d also recommend)

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Crazy stairs is a pretty cool game, play it.


Smh play games that arent roblox