I went overboard with one of my character's powers

I have a character named Seleriki Etudi. She has life magic and I made her too powerful. The only reason I wouldn’t delete/nerf her is because she isn’t made to fight between people, but elemental spirits who aren’t affected by her very powerful life magic techniques/spells/moves/abilities.

Abilities (OP ones)

System Disruption (easily disrupt an organism’s bodily systems to kill them)
Disease Manipulation
Memory Manipulation
Chemical Magic (can create/manipulate/destroy ANY CHEMICAL that’s produced by at least 1 organism) (ez)
Emotion Manipulation(?)

it’s not that hard for her to do any of these

If she and her 5 other chosen heroes (wind/lightning/earth/water/fire) were to go on a genocide spree, she would win.
Side Note: She needs to know biology for these skills.

what do i do
  • remove her from the story
  • nerf her (comment how)
  • keep her power the same

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make her bipolar and have her only be able to use 1 ability per personality

for example, she would have 7 different personalities, each of them being able to use only 1 of the abilities and she cant choose which personality she is (if one of her friends died and she wasn’t using the resurrection personality, she would be fucked)

For some of these abilities, I don’t see the connection with life magic. For some, I can understand. Life magic probably can’t affect you if there’s no injury

This is most likely balance enough if she won’t actually be doing that much fighting.

make it so she requires a source of dna from the target of any body/mind modification nonsense
and the more complicated the change the longer it takes (i’m talking LONG) so she cant just make someone want to game end themselves in 12 seconds or something

you could make her a zora salazar type beat, where they’re just bored of their powers and don’t use them at their greatest

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Make her not like biology at all and she refuses to learn it. Then, at the very end of whatever your story is, she learns biology

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rn i would remove system disruption and possibly disease manipulation

that is true and i planned to have that limit for resurrection

you mean DID, right?

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okay get rid of disease manipulation, that sounds like something a poison user could do.

shapeshifting also seems too different for a life user.

chemical magic removed.

emotion manipulation removed.

and remove resurrection that’s called necromancy.

just keep system disruption and make her powers more healing/plant/flesh growth orientated.

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Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 3.08.14 PM

ah mb

Even that’s a stretch. Nobody said life magic could make anything grow after it’s already healed

you know what fuck it then delete the character

life manipulation is stupid shit and sounds like a bunch of other powers mashed into one.

get rid of it entirely

healing is just growing, it could probably grow plants extra or something

(there’s no point the guy always finds some strange tiny detail to nitpick so may as well completely remove it to satisfy the unsatisfiable)

remove resurrection

If you poke a hole in a tree, without removing anything from the tree, and heal the hole, then you probably did just grow that tree into more than it was before the hole was there, but that doesn’t mean that you can grow a thing that’s already healed. That’d be like saying that a character with extreme regeneration powers can also grow their muscles like they’re on steroids

technically they could since body building is just breaking yourself to heal stronger