If Aliens appeared in our solar system?

If aliens appeared in our solar system with what seemed to be superior tech and armed space ships , would you
extra context: they crashed into another spaceship and killed like 10 people by maybe accidient

  • Prepare weapons to defend earth
  • Prepare weapons to try to go on the offensive and push them out
  • try to make peace

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writing space story and wondering who people would support

We are fucked if they can space travel, even if they where from a distance of earth to mars we would still be fucked

BUT: We could win if we are living in a California thriller movie :smiley:

keep in mind neither of you understand each other

There’s 0 chance at pushing them out or defending Earth, just try any attempts to make peace

okay guys I’ll be here on earth…


building a death ray…

formulating a genetically modified alien targeting disease…

surfing tidal waves

creating nanobots

finding a dodo bird

locating frankenstein’s brain

painting a continent

and driving my sister insane (i don’t even have a sister)



the fuck we gonna do to defend earth


The alien, unable to comprehend human language, promptly vaporizes me into a pile of ashes and leaves


bro really thinks he is doomguy :skull:



bring me a blood sample

we’re gonna do black plague 2, electric boogaloo

ooh lovely!!!

take the crash survivors they’re my hostages now

and with those hostages I can create a lovely alien only targeting plague to kill every single one mercilessly and brutally quickly

and save the planet!

shut the fuck up what do you mean they came in peace and it was a misunderstanding

bro what do mean I’ve committed a heinous crime against sentient life

it was a human space ship


uh oh…

welp I guess all life in the galaxy is fucked guys

I would try to make peace but I would also prépare Weapons just in case

idk man i think people want to go on attack

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mm dodos

how you gonna crash into a space ship on accident, you have literally thousands of kilometres of space to move around in, it had to be intentional

Ffs bro the aliens are really gonna like the japanese if they literally flew their ship into ours

Whats next, alien manga?

they settle on neptune and we never figure out about them