If Deepwoken Wasn't Full Of Problems What Build Would You Want To Make?

the tile says it all, if Deepwoken didn’t have so many problems to the point it’s impossible to enjoy if you’re not a masochist (i. e. normal), then what sort of build would you want to make in it?

I would make a zora build, dual dragoons, flame blind, and 100 agility

maybe also that gravity field bell thing to try and emulate firing squad, but since the game is uncool it probably won’t pause projectiles on the barrier, otherwise fire gun spam to get the outclass alright!

monsoon of the winds of destruction

so how would you make it?

I gonna say. What u said guns. Guns do 45 dmg a hit. And they go at the speed of FUCKING light.

Anyways. Uh I don’t know probably the same builds. Nothing much would be that different. Except balancing and a lot of bug fixes. And some others. It really would only affect the mantras for those builds. Maybe some talents. Overall it would just be the same for me. But I’m definitely wanting to try a wailing knife no attunement side gun payback build. Seems good. Tho def wouldn’t change much if I were to do it now. Except maybe some talents in HP changes. Also mantra dmg no brainer

never played so i can’t tell

do you know who zora salazar is

and would you try a themed build?

then don’t reply

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Thought u were talking bout azure flames LOL

First of all no. Second maybe . Depends

One hand axe + shield + ice magic for the real Norse viking feel.
(big problem for this to be good would be that blocking needs to actually be a viable choice in combat)

From there max fortitude, max weapon stat, grab enough intelligence to brew potions anywhere (viking theme), and the rest of the stats can go somewhere, probably strength.

get the right talents and you can block like four fire blades, also the combat changes make blocking more better since it’s 1.5 seconds per parry so you better hold it just in case you can block

actually reach 102 int alchemist and have decent agility and be fully dependant on potions and the like

Get maximum knockback

even then parrying is strictly better and there’s no situation where you want to block instead.

but you see, you’re not hoping to block, you’re holding F so that if you do fail your parry you end up blocking

this lets him make use of the shield he has

Can I have a Gun and Sword Build

well u guys are in luck cause a lot of deepwoken’s problems are being fixed with the layer 2 update

i just want to be op, not making builds based off of characters