If i made a forum DnD

  • Interested (you are a nerd)
  • Not (l+ratio+bozo Ash)

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I kind of know how shit like that works

My dad plays pathfinder which is basically DnD

also show who voted you coward

i dont play dnd
but im willing to try ig


forgot to, also i don’t think i can anymore

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i’m willin to try Forum DnD


We should make it happen

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we need a game plan, like for starters, characters
would we just use our forum names or create another person to play as?

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maybe we could do characters with abilities from AO (magic, strength, weapons, vitality & such)


thats- honestly a really good idea

Perhaps the story could be scuffed AO story

DnD is cool af

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just me looking at this post has granted all of you bad luck. whenever i am even slightly involved in dnd things it tends to go downhill


i play dnd so this would actually be fun

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I am a nerd so I had no choice but to say yes

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I would gladly play

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Yeah that sounds pretty cool, I would gladly participate.

I’d like to be a sand conjurer

I have never played DnD (I don’t trust my luck) but it sounds fun, also making a discord for it might be better than a forum post