If u were to make ur own magic, what wud it be

i wud prolly do smth like… idk

it cud be a curse or a magic,

Time magic if you mean irl

Radiation magic if you mean in game

i mean ingame… also time magic wud be op, just to stop time and then rob ur mothers credit card

(uhhh quick steal some bullshit from elemental battlegrounds)

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i believe the mind magic ezia thought of is a good idea, or like the soul curse i thought of was also a good idea.

the terror curse which kenda has made of is a good idea too, playing with the opponents mind, making them see things that are illusions, illusions turning into reality.

sound or time or mud xd

mud magic and sound magic were alr a thing. time magic wud be too op

mud magic removed and sound magic not confirmed to be in game

so basically like illusion magic in EB i guess

cough, all magics gta have a cool name tho

illusion sounds cool enough (better than mind at least)

well yea, but one thing better than illusion is either soul or terror,

rn im tryna make a morock creed file in ao, just gta know what he looks like, have fire magic, and have sum title guild. “the hound of god”

if we’re talking in game then space magic

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Arcturus magic except it’s a curse

wth is arcturus magic

like phoenix but magma or something i think

a now noncannon magic

a concept that was essentially theos’ phoenix magic fusing with magma to make the previous bird magic but A N G E R Y

the stats are:
Damage: 6
Speed: 0.5, this is because it’s extremely heavy
Size: 3
Destruction: 5