If you could add one type of magic to Arcane Odyssey what would it be?

If you could add one type of magic what would it be? (Can’t already exist)

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Cyperus papyrus plant magic more specifically when its flattened heated and dried :fr:


Dragonfire: a type of grand fire magic.

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add zoan type magics like it or not there very cool

i dont think thatd be possible in the lore, the closest thing i could think of that might fit is maybe like a spell that turns you into an elemental or something

What makes it special?

are you /j rn? How would that work?

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higher AoE with more damage.


not exactly

Melt Magic (couldn’t think of a better name)
Lost/ancient Acid magic that specializes in effect damage. it’s scalding hot and deals relatively low damage on hit but deals massive ticks of damage when stood on or in. puddles can be converted into a cloud that deals less but still relatively high damage over time when stood in if hit by a heat based magic cannot be neutralized in liquid form but can be dispersed with wind magic as a gas cloud.

Always remains the original users AOE even if another player converts a puddle into a cloud

probably space magic as an ancient or something, i already made a concept for it on ezia’s trello

Equilibrium flame

Equinox flame

Mud, mist/cloud/steam, cold fire

we need more gas magics

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maple magic

tar magic could be neat

waluigi magic

Any cold-base magic, cause that category is now the smallest

and/or an Ichor Ancient Magic that is functionally similar and more potent

Foliage/Leaf Magic